Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 08

Sayaka continues to descend into madness with the weight of being a Puella Magi.


Ok….ok I just have to take a moment and breathe here for a second. I haven’t yelled and freaked out this much at an episode since episode three! My god, this show is amazing in its ability to keep throwing things at you that you either don’t see coming ore you do but they are big important dramatic events. This episode had a LOT of them.

First off, I knew that little rat/rabbit bitch was evil! I totally called it way early on I didn’t like him, got a bad feeling from him and then boom turns out he’s not just creepy or insensitive he is actually downright evil and is pretty much the big bad guy of the whole series or close to it. It seems like he is basically making these girls into Puella so they can then turn into witches. Although I understand that I also don’t quite get the balance here because I would figure one Puella would kill more than one witch so it’s not like he’s making more witches by making the Puella because of how many they kill before turning. I suppose it could be an issue of quality of witches though, the more powerful ones are ones that were at one time Puella. This would actually make sense as Homura told Mami that the witch she was going to face wasn’t a regular witch, this could mean that unlike most witches the witch that killed Mami was a former Puella.

Also, Sayaka turning into a witch…yeah, that just happened and I didn’t expect it. I mean, I kind of thought about the possibility – I thought that if she didn’t cleanse her gem she would become a witch, which is kind of what happened. However I never expected that, from what Kyubey seemed to indicate, all Puella eventually turn into witches. I just figured Sayaka did because of her attitude and everything, hell I got the impression she killed those two innocent people on the train. They may have been assholes but they may not have deserved to be killed, which is the impression I got. Still, despite Sayaka going all witch it seemed that is the fate of all Puella which I very much did not see coming at all.

Third, I totally called it! Homura is a time traveler, I said it before and it’s confirmed. There were a lot of things that pointed to that and I think it became more obvious as things went along. I think this all relates back actually to the first episode we saw Homura and Madoka together, Madoka was a magical girl. I think that was a scene from the future that Homura was in and then traveled back from. Something that was going on there, perhaps the big event that Homura and Kyoko were talking about trying to stop happened there and didn’t go so well so Homura is trying to fix things.

I’m actually curious now if Madoka will ever become a Puella Magi and I think it would be awesome and quite different from other shows if she didn’t. I mean, the character with a lot of innate potential, apparently the main character not getting powers? So far the show has been interesting without her becoming one; perhaps her view point, her motivations, and all those things will be enough for the story. I don’t think it’ll be bad if she does become one, but I see it as a possibility I wouldn’t hate.

Also…seriously? Kyubey eating his own dead body? Seriously?

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  1. This show likes the whole “lots of exposition followed by something shocking to compensate” thing too much. It’s kind of a downer, because if the show evened all of this out I would probably be as much of a rabid fanboy as everyone else is.

    But because it’s a short series, I can forgive it. It doesn’t have time to do these grandiose concepts justice, so I’m not surprised that they’re falling back on such simple twists (like killing little kids we would otherwise not care about) and such obvious plotlines as a Faustian mahou-shoujo.

    It really makes me wish my brain would stop comparing it to all the other Faustian dramas and “psychological child abuse” scenarios I’ve seen, because shows like this really need to be watched without all that baggage. It’s delivering exactly what fans have wanted for years, and they deserve kudos for that.

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