Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 07

Kyoko shares with Sayaka the story of how she became a Puella Magi.


I’m quite shocked with Kyoko’s story and it’s made me love her character so much more. Before I thought she was just kind of this obstacle that was attacking for stupid reasons and was really just an enemy but after hearing her story I felt so sorry for her. I mean in her experience helping others ended up hurting them and more people, so she’s got a point. I feel sorry for what happened to her but more importantly now I sympathize with her point of view and her morality. Although I do have to commend Sayaka for standing up for her point of view. I don’t really think either of them is necessarily wrong in that case but the fact that in front of Kyoko who had this very gripping story she still believed in her path was commendable.

Sayaka really did to kind of loose it there at the end during that fight. She basically didn’t care what happened to her, and as Kyubey said technically someone can fight that way with no repercussion if there body is a just a shell. However the fact that it is a shell and treating it as such are two very different things, there is a line there which Sayaka seems to have crossed. It seems to be a combination of just the stress of finding out this news, finding out her friend loves the boy she does and that her friend can offer him someone who as she said isn’t a zombie. I thought the whole Hitomi thing was a bit surprising but I was still expecting something like that to happen. The big surprise came from how Sayaka just snapped. As you could briefly see she was bloody and going crazy, not caring about being hit which in the end did mean she was able to attack more efficiently but still at the cost of pretty much her humanity.

See, even though the whole soul gem thing is a big issue, if you don’t treat it like an issue then it doesn’t really become one. Mami never knew about it so really to her, her soul was in body. It’s a case of ignorance being bliss, if you don’t know about it then you act like the soul is treated like it always was and you live like a human. If you know about it you can snap like Sayaka and treat yourself like a shell which almost seems like there is no real coming back from.

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