Fractale – 06

Clain meets a mysterious photographer and a different branch of Lost Millennium.


We got a pretty good episode this week and it was an important one for Clain. We got to meet the person who seems to be Clain’s father though it wasn’t admitted from the older man so there wasn’t any dramatic reunion. Still this episode also helped show Clain the darker side of some groups and he got an important gift from his father. There was only some action in the episode, but it came at the right time to have an impact.

If I thought that Lost Millennium had some issues before it’s clear that they do now. Now to be fair every cell seems to have its own rules and beliefs, so can’t just dump them all into the same category. Alabaster is definitely a much crueler and darker group when you see some of their actions. I mean luring people in with actions that seem generous and then putting them into a position where they feel it’s necessary to cooperate is pretty dirty. Those people had lived isolated for so long that they couldn’t tell when they were getting conned. By the time that they realized it, it was too late to stop it. Removing their terminals without saying anything was cruel. They now only could live without Fractale which would be impossible for these people alone. Unable to go back all they could do was die or help other people lose their terminals. It may be an effective way to bring in people, but it’s just ugly. Plus shooting people who try to run really reminds you that some people in Lost Millennium really are terrorists. The group Clain is travelling with seem saintly by comparison. Though will remember that is a group that attacked when it was clear there would be civilian casualties and yet the attack still happened. To varying degrees many in Lost Millennium seem to just look down on those still in Fractale and can’t see any other views than their own.

Back to Clain’s father for a while. I wonder what the lack of reception means for the doppel that appeared in Clain’s home? Maybe it just will vanish completely or start losing its personality. Either way this was important for Clain to get to meet him even though his health seems to be deteriorating. He could be saved with treatment, but he just can’t leave that house with memories of his family behind. Still I guess this explains where Clain got his obsession with antiques. Not sure if that kind of thing can be genetic, but leaving that projector behind was probably a sentimental move by Clain’s father. I’m curious to see how the camera is going to be used going forward. It has a straightforward meaning as a memento, but it could help Clain document and understand the journey he’s involved with. Plus I wonder if Phryne will pass those photos she stole to Clain so he will understand who the person they met was.

This was a good episode for showing us more about the state of the world. It’s hard for people who have had their lives disrupted by the loss of Fractale support and even harder depending on what group of Lost Millennium they might run into. I’m curious to see where Clain might end up next.

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