Fairy Tail – Nirvana Arc

Fairy Tail joins a guild alliance to fight Oracion Seis and stop Nirvana.


I have to say this was probably one of the best arcs Fairy Tail has had so far. It makes me feel bad that it was right before this arc that I took a break from the manga since it was too bad to miss out on this. So much happened in this arc from meeting people from different guilds, seeing old faces, and fighting some amazing battles. A lot of characters got to show what they could do, especially the main ones from Fairy Tail. But it was perhaps the ending that really caught me off-guard with Jellal getting arrested and Wendy’s guild vanishing before her very eyes. I think it’d be hard for most to not feel anything for Wendy at the end of the episode.

I think the fights in this arc deserve some special attention since some of them were pretty good. Now I have mixed feelings on the Gray and Lyon vs Racer fight. I think that having Racer’s magic affect people’s perceptions and slowing them down wasn’t as cool as magic that would make Racer move faster. Think it was a case of trying to make a magic too cool and complicated instead of just going with a simpler and likely better option. Maybe it was just too hard to think up a way for the ice mages to win against a fast opponent. Still ignoring Racer’s magic it was still a pretty good fight. Maybe the best was near the start with Gray making the huge wall to give Natsu a chance to get away with Wendy. When it comes to saving Erza it seems Gray can always be counted on to step up.

I was glad that Lucy again got a good fight and wasn’t just sitting on the sidelines. It was interesting having her face a fellow celestial mage and one that understood the relationships of spirits pretty well. Of course she used her spirits like tools and didn’t even flinch when shooting Loki and Aries. This was a good fight for Lucy since Angel completely went against the way Lucy looks at spirits. While Angel was a strong opponent she lost in part thanks to Lucy having such a kind heart. There was no way Gemini could strike her down when feeling how much she cared for spirits, even those contracted to her enemy. Of course she couldn’t win alone and the theme of these battles was teamwork. Hibiki was key in giving Lucy the ability to use the game ending spell.

One can’t forget about Erza’s great fight against Midnight either. This fight showed how smart Erza is and could have been easily lost without her intelligence and skill. It was well done to come up with a counter of Midnight’s reflection magic after only having a short period of time to witness it. Good thing as well that she had that fake eye since once again it saved her. While she’s gone through a lot of pain that eye has helped a few times already in the series. Teamwork might have been more limited here since honestly Jellal wasn’t in a great condition, but his presence gave Erza motivation.

Natsu managed to grab a couple big fights out of this arc. Going up against Cobra and then Zero was an impressive thing to pull together. Of course Natsu has an advantage over everyone due to being able to eat flames to recharge which isn’t so simple for other mages. Now I’m not so happy with how the Cobra fight wrapped up. That was probably the most flukish victory we’ve seen yet from him. If he just won thanks to not thinking it might have been better. But in the end it’s hard to beat someone with Cobra’s strong skills. Being a dragon slayer on top of his already strong hearing magic was rough. Still this fight lead to some fun teamwork with Happy and a rare aerial battle for Fairy Tail. Now the fight against Zero was pretty entertaining also. It wasn’t just one-sided for Natsu and really required a power-up thanks to Jellal. With Jellal locked up that power-up won’t be available so easily again. It was a flashy fight and although the end was a bit weird with the Igneel flashback, it still ended well.

I liked the alliance that was put together for this mission. It was a good chance to get some team battles which allowed their enemies to remain powerful and not overpower the Fairy Tail group. Will say that Blue Pegasus is an odd guild, though Fairy Tail is hardly normal. Still those guys managed to step up when it counted and honestly had some bad opponents with Midnight taking out most of them. Lyon and Sherry were looking fine and Jura was a good guy also. It was interesting to have arguably the strongest guy there not be from Fairy Tail, though when it comes to power-ups Natsu’s strength varies.

The most important character introduced and a new member of Fairy Tail is Wendy. Can’t forget Carla, but Wendy is the key here. Fairy Tail now has it’s third Dragon Slayer which is giving them quite the collection. It was hard to believe that a girl who stumbled into the first meeting would be such a key character. But she’s a very likable girl who stepped up to defend her guild when it counted. Being a healer she should be a very useful addition, but it seems she has some untapped offensive potential also. If she can gain confidence she could be a very complete mage.

There’s no way to talk about this arc without mentioning Jellal. Honestly wasn’t a big fan of him when this arc started. It wasn’t just that he was a dark guy, but whenever he got into the picture it lead to Erza being an emotional wreck. No offence, but seeing Erza messed up like that wasn’t fun since she just couldn’t fight properly. By the end definitely felt sorry for him and didn’t like at all how things ended. He was messed up by Ultear and then comes back with his memory gone. You could feel the good guy he used to be and how his whole life got ruined by this. Now at best he’ll be locked up forever. I’m glad that Natsu and company stepped up to try and defend him. It’s just too bad that things didn’t end well. I can understand Erza doing what she did, since she is the type to put the guild and others above herself. If they had fought to rescue Jellal it would have put Fairy Tail in danger and definitely made that group fugitives. Even though she wanted to save him that’s something Erza couldn’t let herself do.

While it was hard with Jellal I think it was also pretty hard for Wendy at the end of this. First she sees Jellal who saved her life get taken away. Then finally she finds out her guild was an illusion and the guild master was a ghost. While she gained friends that’s a pretty traumatic thing. Still I guess this all lets Wendy fit in with Fairy Tail. Mirajane said early in the series that the members of Fairy Tail all carry something heavy and Wendy is the same. I’m sure she will be fine though it’ll take a bit of time.

Really this was a huge arc for Fairy Tail and I enjoyed it all. I can’t wait to see what happens when the next real arc gets started.

2 thoughts on “Fairy Tail – Nirvana Arc”

  1. That’s a really interesting comment from Mirajane, and yet so true. I had totally forgotten about it, but it is true.

    I guess you could kind of call Fairy Tail as a place for healing and new beginnings. People who have virtually lost everything go there to start a fresh, pursue their dreams and get a family.

    Agreed, this arc was the strongest so far. I personally didn’t mind Erza breaking down, but I gotta admit she is the smartest and most skillful fighter in the Strongest team Fairy Tail has. Natsu relies on brute strength and an unbreakable will, but Erza is a bit more human. Its good to see her lose herself a few times here and there, its what keeps her human and relatable.

    Agreed on Jellal too, I thought it was waaay too early to add him back into the fray. Although the way he was handeled was exemplary, and I felt bad for him by the end of the arc.

  2. @Setsuken
    Yeah I just remembered that line from Mirajane while writing. Only in the second episode, but it really was true when I think about it. Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Erza, and many others in the guild all have things like pain and suffering in their pasts. Do like looking at Fairy Tail as a place to heal and start new. They’ve all built up a bond of family in that guild and aren’t carrying their pains alone. Some might have a harder time opening up than others, but they are there for each other.

    Well with Erza I was more focusing on things like the Festival arc last time with just seeing Mystogan’s face (which is still a mystery) just completely froze her up until she got nailed by Laxus. She’s definitely one of the smartest fighters and one that’s really easy to get behind. She doesn’t win all the time so her fights have the feeling that there isn’t a guaranteed win coming.

    I was definitely surprised to see Jellal come back into the story so soon. To be fair I wasn’t sure he’d come back at all (seeming to be dead). But it was right after the Mystogan reveal so not like he was ever really forgotten. He was definitely handled well from the surprise amnesia to trying his best to destroy Nirvana. I definitely felt sorry for him since he tried to hard to help stop this disaster. While no one knows that Ultear messed with his mind, it’s still a fact that his role in those horrible acts have a mitigating factor. Oh well I’m sure we’ll see him again, though maybe not for some time.

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