Gosick – 08

Victorique argues her mother’s innocence and Grevil arrives on the scene.


I’ll say right now that there are a few things I was disappointed about when watching this episode. Mostly it had to do with changes and omissions from the novels so I’m sure it was a better episode for anyone that hadn’t read those. I’ll just throw my slight rant into the last part of the post so people can avoid it if they want.

I thought how they handled Herminia confessing was actually pretty good. Using Japanese (since this is in Europe and a small isolated village) to trick her was smart and everything went well. Considering her motive was about that fortune telling it made sense that she would fall for that kind of trick. I kind of feel a little bad for her since no one would like to find out that they will die relatively soon. Don’t know if the leader was just trying to get her motivated since with only a few years you can’t afford to take things easy or if he just guessed randomly after going into that odd state. Suppose you can always argue that their spirits really do possess people, but I’m not so sure about that. But anyways there really was no excuse for Herminia to murder the guy just because she got bad news. Think for a cold case like this that Victorique did a pretty good job having a logical argument and creatively getting a confession.

Too bad for Derek that he was left behind in the village. Guess he’ll get to enjoy village justice in its brutal fashion. It wasn’t a bad idea on his part to wear Allen’s clothes to make sure that people saw him wandering around in the village and thus being a target. What a greedy guy though to kill the others and try to take everything for himself.

This arc has been good for deepening the bond between Victorique and Kujo. They had a stupid argument, but they are now closer than ever. They might or might not believe the fortune they were given, but I’m sure they will try living fully for now. It goes to show how much Victorique treasures Kujo to ignore a pendent that meant a lot to her in order to grab him. Plus considering how weak to pain she is that had to be agonizing to hold him for so long on her own. I’m sure they will find a way to get into more trouble later, but for now they are on the same page.

Not a bad job by Grevil to keep track of Victorique like that. It shows he has some more brains than you might have thought by looking at him. He must have realized that she would take action and used that thief to keep an eye on her. Otherwise he wouldn’t give up the chance to get more glory and lock someone up.

Wonder what will become of Ambrose? That guy is now on his own after living his whole life in a village. But he’s a pretty good guy and I’m sure like Cordelia he’ll find a way to survive. Of course it’s not easy when you pretty much have nothing, but can only hope for the best.

What was interesting though was the duo that were overlooking the village when the bridge collapsed. With that line about a sin it makes you wonder if that was Victorique’s mother up there. There hasn’t been a confirmation of her status so she could very well be alive and well. Plus with that magician being there it makes you wonder about his identity. He could be that Roscoe guy who certainly seemed to have a connection to Cordelia after we found that photo last episode.

Now to the rant. I was kind of disappointed with how Herminia was killed and the scene with Kujo nearly falling to his death. This was a good chance to help add to Kujo’s character and show what kind of mindset he currently has. It wasn’t just her cries about them not separating there and him pulling it together. Kujo was really reflecting on himself and how he saw leaving Japan as running away. He hated himself for not being able to live up to the expectations and example of his father and brothers. While not suicidal he didn’t feel it was a great loss to the world if he just fell to his death like that. Think it was a bad call to just leave the fact that Kujo saw himself as a pathetic and ordinary person out of it. I guess they just want to paint Kujo as a normal protagonist without any serious problems other than his school reputation. Compared to that the Herminia change wasn’t too serious, but didn’t see any need to change it. It was a case of a charge with the spear going bad since Kujo moved towards the fire to protect Victorique rather than away from the fire where Herminia predicted he would move. Guess they wanted to give Ambrose a chance to step up.

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  1. I do believe it was Victoria up there on the rooftops, and the burning village and bridge was probably the work of the Red Haired magician.

    I think the arc wrapped up nicely. We got a bit about Victorique and we got some nice tidbits to keep that backstory fresh and proceed it into the future. The moment between Victorique and Kujo was nice, and a step forward for both of them.

    Grevil does need to protect Victorique, she pretty much solves all of his cases XDs

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