Infinite Stratos – Midway Impressions

Well a little over half way through the series and the form of the series certainly seems to be apparent. It is definitely a harem show first and foremost. The IS stuff really has fallen into more of a secondary position, though it’s had some good moments so far. The real problem is how some characters have completely fallen apart as the show has gone on while at least one has stepped up to surpass them all.


To be honest I wasn’t sure if I could really keep up with this show with how dense of a male lead Ichika was becoming and how the girls were really falling apart. Rin appeared to be one of the more reasonable girls when she first appeared. She called out Houki for swinging her sword around when someone could get seriously hurt. But then she devolved into the same level as Cecilia and by the end she was busting through school walls and firing her IS weapons at a defenseless Ichika. Cecilia’s skills when fighting against Laura seemed pretty bad also. She has these very useful weapons for pining an opponent down, but can’t seem to multitask. Houki has just kept the rough tsundere approach and just finally snapped beating Ichika for his denseness.

Honestly Charlotte has saved this series for me. Who would have guessed the girl from France would make the series that much better. Also ironic that a French girl working with Ichika managed to own a German girl, XD. But really Charlotte has been a much better influence than I thought. It seemed we were just going to get another trap character, but she was developed nicely over a few episodes. Not as overly aggressive like the majority of the harem, but able to make pretty bold moves to help gain points with Ichika. It didn’t hurt either that she’s a very capable pilot and teamed up better with Ichika than Rin did during an earlier episode. Hard not to cheer her on when she’s just a more likable girl than most of the harem.

Anyways not sure where they might go in the last few episodes. Laura made her pretty bold “you’re going to be my wife” statement and Charlotte finally revealed herself as a girl. I’m still waiting for the big threat that appeared in the very first episode. Considering the size of the harem they’ve got to get to that sooner or later. While this series certainly isn’t great at least the more recent characters have added something to it.

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