Gosick – 07

Victorique continues seeking the truth and Kujo receives a troubling prophecy.


Well I’m glad at least that they didn’t try to completely resolve this arc in one episode. That would have been pretty bad even if they hurried things along a little bit here. No need to get into super depth on that though.

It’s hard to get a good feel for those two guys killed off in this episode. They only got a few lines and doubt anyone was that broken up about them getting killed. The last guy will need some serious durability at the rate people are getting killed off. Now the second death could definitely have been an accident. Not sure why they were in the woods, but if the elder just thought without thinking it could be possible. Now the first death is a bit less likely to be an accident. Now you have the theory about him going up there willingly to goof around. There is also the theory that maybe the villagers were really angry at him and decided to take some more serious action. The whole thing is a bit weird since we saw him getting pelted with those nuts. It would have been a pretty fast job for him to get up there and burned like that.

It’s been good though to get into Victorique’s past like this. Of course it’s only half the story since her mother and father obviously come from very different worlds. Still this is a good chance for her to understand her mother’s past and hopefully redeem her. I was kind of worried though when she went to chat with that crazy maid. That woman clearly has some screws loose and I wouldn’t want her working in my house. Heck I probably would have issues with her living in the same continent, XD. Kujo will have his hands full keeping Victorique safe in that place.

A lot of strange things going on though. You have that Brian Roscoe guy who came to the village and brought electricity around the time of the First World War. It was definitely not a time to be thinking about that kind of thing. But also it seems possible that he found the box in the home of Victorique’s mother and left that picture. While not everyone is willing to admit guilt it was interesting to see the scratches she left on the grave of the dead elder.

Of course a huge thing was the chat with the elder near the end of the episode. The huge wind seems a pretty safe connection to World War 2. It would definitely be something that could blow the two apart with Kujo being Japanese and Victorique living in Europe. Of course WW2 would still be over 10 years away from the current time in the story. So assuming Kujo wants to stay around Victorique it would give them a lot of time together and might keep Kujo from going back home when the war starts. He might be from a military family, but he’s probably going to end up with Victorique. Will he really put the girl he cares about below his home country? I can understand though him being a bit down after hearing such a prediction. Of course if anyone can overcome that kind of thing it would be those two.

So it’s been a pretty big episode. We’ve gotten to see a little bit of that strange village and Victorique might have figured things out. I’m glad that she is taking her time though since another case of just saying what happened without a bit more proof wouldn’t be good. It’s nice to have things revealed in a better way than that.

2 thoughts on “Gosick – 07”

  1. I agree with you on the whole chatting with the crazy maid thing. I half expected her to kill Victorique herself. Now I’m thinking that the Maid actually witnessed the real murder all those years ago, and the guilt has lead to her going crazy.

    I’m guessing it may be the elder that might be behind all of it. He’s obviously shot one guy, and he was the one who succeeded the older elder as the leader of the village. And we all know that the previous elder collected quite a bit of gold.

    This is pure speculation, but I’m guessing Victorique and Kujo are next on the hit list, after they refuse to leave XD

  2. @Setsuken
    Well the maid definitely could have witnessed the crime. Age wise she could have been there and a murder will mess someone up. If she did see it then she probably never told anyone. Though considering how Victorique’s mother was railroaded out of the village I wouldn’t have said anything either.

    The elder is definitely a suspicious guy. I mean if the old elder gets killed he gets the position which is certainly some motive. Plus he was pretty quick to kick Victorique’s mother out of the village. Maybe he was trying to quickly close the case so he wouldn’t be suspected?

    You might be right on Victorique and Kujo being high on the hit list. The fact that they are digging into an old crime is one thing, but they also could unravel the recent killings.

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