Gosick – 06

Kujo creates another problem with Victorique and a mysterious article leads them on another journey.


Well clearly Victorique isn’t that worried about cleanliness. Though if she hides whenever someone other than Kujo shows up it must make one wonder what goes on up there. Anyways, we got some interesting information about Victorique and her family this time around. Clearly she’s either really sensitive to pain or a bit melodramatic. There are certainly people like that so I wouldn’t be so surprised. Though flicking someone when they are still sore is going to hurt a bit no matter how light you are doing it. Of course Kujo seems to be a think before he acts type with his poking Victorique’s cheek on the train earlier in the series. The resulting situation after the flick is just another chapter on their up and down relationship.

Probably the most important things we’ve learned is about Victorique’s mother. The fact that she was kicked out from her village for murder is a pretty surprising thing. From the flashback it doesn’t seem like Victorique’s father was interested in her mother for romantic reasons. I’m sure getting a genius kind of power within the family would have been of great benefit. Also considering the mental powers of Grevil there would probably be even more reason to act. I guess having an affair and with a woman who was labeled a murderer would be a pretty big deal for an aristocratic family. No shock that Victorique’s father hid her away and even now restricts her movements. Of course it’s a horrible thing to do to a child no matter what your reasoning is.

It is a bit strange that Grevil messed up on arresting the nun. He’s usually pretty good to take credit. Though it’s possible that he was so bothered by seeing Victorique with that hat on that he couldn’t focus on finding her. Certainly with her getting on the train it’ll be tough to track her down.

It doesn’t seem that visiting this village will be fun and games. Anyone that greets you with a lot of swords probably isn’t the friendliest. Still considering Victorique’s determination to clear her mother’s name they won’t be going anywhere. Kujo will probably have to be on his game this time around.

Some comical moments in this one. Was funny to watch Victorique try to move that trunk around. Also had to be pretty frustrating with her trying to keep her silent treatment going with Kujo completely misunderstanding her. Probably the best part though was Victorique trying to pick up the chair to throw at Kujo. Considering her limited strength it probably would have lead to her dropping it on herself. Though after she was talking to him while half awake and having him walk into her room like that it’s no surprise she snapped.

Anyways, I’m just hoping they aren’t going to rush this arc. They definitely streamlined things in this episode to save time and I wonder how far they will go next time. I’d rather they take their time and give a good experience to the viewers.

3 thoughts on “Gosick – 06”

  1. Finally have had the time to browse around and comment on stuff!

    Definitely agree with what you said. I definitely didn’t expect the whole affair with Victorique’s family to be brought up this fast, but at the same time, I’m kinda glad. Its one of those curious questions, and not only that, there’s an 8 year old mystery behind this.

    I do agree with the worry of the arc being rushed through. This is perhaps one of the most important arcs for Victorique as a character.

  2. The story is picking up pace in the last episodes, thought still the narration isn’t at the manga level at the moment.
    But well we’ll see soon enough.

  3. @Setsuken
    Glad to have the comments. I’m also glad we’re getting right into Victorique’s family. Though it seems mostly to be her mother’s side this time around and so might open things up to her father’s side later.

    Can only hope they will take as much time as they can with this. While you want to know more about a character, you want it done right.

    We’ll have to see how they do with the story that’s left to be told. I didn’t check out the manga that much and only the first 2 novels. For the majority of this show I’ll be taking it in the same as everyone else.

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