Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 06

Madoka struggles with a way to stop Sayaka from being killed by Kyoko.


Wow, this series just keeps dropping one thing after another on us, I’m truly amazed. On the small hand first we learn there is some big event that both Homura and Kyoko have existing knowledge of which seems to be pretty hard, but of course the big one is the nature of a Puella’s soul. While on one hand it makes sense and is a good thing for the body to be just a shell, it still shocking. I do see Kyubey’s point about it, but still don’t like him. He seemed extremely insensitive about the issue not caring at all that people had a problem with it. Still though, he has a point in that for fighting purposes it makes sense that it’s a good thing the boy can be destroyed and you can still “survive”

Despite those good points though I’m still shocked about it. It seems so big, the fact that your soul is no longer inside your body, but inside of some gem. I like that they showed Kyoko shocked and appalled at this too. She’s not uncaring, she didn’t know about this and was pretty pissed off, as would I be if I wasn’t told that that would happen. Although it may make you a better fight, it’s still something that would change my opinion on wanting to become a Puella. If the whole “living your life for others” thing wasn’t enough, you may not be considered human? That’s pretty damn big.

I’m also kind of surprised and a bit frustrated about how slow things are moving. That’s not to say the previous episodes weren’t great, they were as they had a lot of information and knowledge in them to set up this world and the lore, however despite that not a lot happens in them. I mean taking a step back and looking at this episode all that happened was Sayaka and Kyoko face off to fight, but get interrupted. Sure the should gem thing happens but its returned right away, so that just served to give us a reason for the knowledge of how the soul works. Overall, we’re still in the same place here.

Again, this isn’t bad. As I said this episode gave us a lot of information like some big event coming up, how souls work and the nature of a Puella’s body but still I just keep wanting more!

On a different note, Homura keeps getting more interesting. I feel like she knew the truth behind the soul because when Madoka threw the egg away she went after it right away rather than waiting before Kyubey really said anything. Plus Kyoko seemed surprised at the knowledge she had, like it wasn’t normal to have plus Kyubey said the telltale line about how she couldn’t be….. And stopping there which means he knows something about her which surprises even him. One theory out there that makes some sense is she’s time traveled, which is why she is trying to prevent Madoka from being a Puella, perhaps she knows what happens to her or to something if she becomes one and wants to stop it. Either way, I want to know more about her as well.

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  1. It was no surprise Puella Magi have lost their souls, this was strongly hinted at in episode 2, when they enter the building there is a quote from ‘Faust’ on the wall.
    I don’t think Homura time traveled, rather that Puella Magi don’t age, and that Homura is actually an adult in a 14 year olds body. The idea came to me when Madoka and Homura met at a fast food restaurant and Homura is seen drinking coffee.

  2. As much I love that theory (and I do!)Mami had obviously aged since her car crash so I think we can rule it out.Although that does makes me wonder if, instead, they stop aging at a certain point. Since all of the Puella Magi we’ve seen so far are all school students…..

  3. I can accept that it seems like a good tactical move in Kyubey’s eyes. At the same time if he’s gotten serious complaints he should have stopped going it or at the very least told the girls this would be a condition to their wish. The fact that he’s not telling them so much makes him incredibly suspicious. What else isn’t he telling them? Besides the shell argument hardly helps since if your body is busted up then your soul gem can be easily destroyed by the witch who is hardly going to just wander off after winning. Besides as humans they should have the right to choose where their soul resides. The girls were fighting believing they were still in their bodies and yet they still did it. With that kind of determination Kyubey has no right to throw souls all over the place.

    Anyways I am willing to bet on the time traveler theory. If she was just love living then the chance for Kyubey to know her would only increase. The fact that he didn’t makes you wonder. Plus she knew about the soul gem situation and jumped immediately. She knows a lot more than others and it makes you wonder why. Of course can also wonder why she didn’t tell the soul situation to Madoka and Sayaka since it could have easily stopped them from thinking about doing this. While she acts like stopping Sayaka was a goal of hers, she doesn’t seem that bothered. Clearly stopping Madoka is her main reason for acting and there has to be a reason. If something horrible happened in the future it’d make sense for her to come back and try to stop it.

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