To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Queen of the Adriatic Sea Arc

Touma wins a trip to Italy and is dragged into a crisis surrounding Agnese.


Nothing like a trip to Italy to remind Touma that nothing really changes. I have to say his bathroom disasters really are just as much his fault as anyone’s. Though to be fair why does no one lock doors in this universe? Not sure why Touma feels he has to use tactical thinking about which door is a trap. Just knocking would save him so many troubles it’s amazing. Still when someone like Index opens the door herself and decides to bite Touma it makes me wonder if she isn’t just some rabid animal instead of the titled character.

It wasn’t bad to reintroduce some characters like the Amakusa church, Orsola, and Agnese. I didn’t think we’d see Agnese again though when we did it seemed fair that it’d be a redemption arc for her. While Agnese didn’t fight that much it was still good for her to show some positive qualities. She made that crazy order during the last fight it was good to see that she cared about her fellow Sisters and was willing to make a sacrifice in order for them to escape. Of course considering the target of that weapon it wasn’t like anyone could leave it be. Good that she’ll be bunking with Orsola and Kanzaki for a while.

But wow Academy City really is the target of destruction quite often. Though it makes sense with the magic and science sides not really liking each other at all. It’s just amazing that nothing huge has successfully happened yet. I’m sure though that Touma is just going to be dragged into more troubles from here on out on this topic. Considering someone pretty much forced the pope to put Touma under surveillance to see if he’s a threat that needs to be eliminated or not, it seems like times are going to get tougher.

The fights weren’t that insane in this arc. We had the goofy ice guards that weren’t too tough to take down and finally Touma vs. Biagio. It was interesting to go up against a guy who just kept using crosses in different ways. Probably the most effective tactic was forcing Touma down with a heavy weight and then attacking. Though it makes you wonder what the heck Touma is made out of to keep getting up after something like that. Even more impressive is just forcing two fights between them into the same episode. Though it’s possible when you make them both short and hurry things along in the middle.

Can’t forget the towel strategy from the Amakusa girl and the odd maid moment from Kanzaki. She doesn’t show up very often, but does get some interesting moments like that. She should probably give up on it though with the crazy competition after Touma already.

7 thoughts on “To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Queen of the Adriatic Sea Arc”

  1. I guess Index can be let off for opening the bathroom door without checking because she probably didn’t know Touma was just outside. Touma on the other hand, knew that people were taking a shower and by common logic, he should have knocked on the doors to check if anyone was on the other side. It’s funny how for fanservice to happen, the characters had to be thrown in the most ridiculous of situations to bring about a scene like that but I suppose the whole sequence of it just makes it even funnier as opposed to blatant fanservice that happens without reason reminiscent of series like Queen’s Blade or Ikkitousen.

    Overall, it was a decent arc. I think what made it enjoyable for me was the antagonist, Biagio. Honestly, I just couldn’t take him seriously from the way he talks. Good ol’ Wakamoto line delivery. Nice to see the Agnese Forces joining Necessarius too. It’s better for their welfare considering how the Roman Catholics don’t have compassion even for their fellow members. Also, I’m sure Laura would appreciate the increase in fighting force numbers. That sly woman…

  2. @Keiri
    Yeah I guess you could give Index some slack, though I’d never head out of the washroom without getting dressed anyways. It is in a house with people moving things around so can’t be too careful.

    Biagio was a pretty entertaining villain. Couldn’t take him too seriously but just listening to Wakamoto was fun. Definitely good for Agnese and her sisters to join up. While Laura is hardly a saint (kind of funny when you think about this series) she is definitely better than the Roman Catholics. We’ve seen enough dark stuff from them to figure they will sacrifice how many of their own members it takes.

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