Gosick – 05

The secret about Avril is revealed and Victorique helps Kujo out of a pinch.


Well this wraps up the Avril situation and should let us move back into the novel’s material. Since apparently this little arc was from the manga it was interesting to get a different point of view. Talk about a rough way though for Avril to get introduced into the series. It makes sense now why the feel was different from the Avril in the OP and just all the mysteries surrounding her. I definitely hadn’t predicted that the hand injury was actually from the real Avril fighting back with everything she had. It really did have nothing to do with that murder that Kujo got caught up in. Still I can’t imagine the worries being trapped and not knowing if anyone would come to help you before it was too late. A good place to hide someone since no one would go there normally and even then they’d be too scared to look around.

A nice rescue by Victorique in this episode as well. She really proved that you don’t need to be strong to win if the situation is set up right. Those books are pretty heavy and dropped from that height would be enough to ruin the balance of the target. It’s good that Victorique had that hiding place since it let her take action at the right moment. I’m sure some will be all over Kujo for getting owned after fighting so well in the last arc. But I think part of it is related to the kind of person Kujo is. Can throw in fighting against a girl which probably wouldn’t be big in Japan during this period. Another important thing really is Kujo’s loneliness before meeting Victorique and having someone he was thinking of as a friend betraying his trust. All of that could throw Kujo off and make it easy to knock him down some stairs. Think he’ll be fine down the road and this was just a bad situation for him. At least he became friends with the real Avril after helping save her.

There really were a lot of mysteries that mixed together in these last couple episodes. The murder of Maxim, the decapitation incident, the kidnapping of Avril, and the attempt to find that rare and valuable stamp. Luckily everything worked out fine. Plus we got to see some cute expressions by Victorique when it came to the snacks and why she wasn’t hiding when Kujo came into the library. Can only guess that maybe she was just curious becuase he was different from the average student there and Victorique was lonely.

This little arc wasn’t as good as the Queen Berry incident, but it wasn’t bad. A kind of a step back since after being on the Queen Berry it makes little sense for Kujo to doubt Victorique’s existence. You’d think this would have been a good thing to throw in after their first meeting, but before going onto the boat. Still it wasn’t bad and we’ll get back into the good stuff next week.

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