Fractale – 04

Lost Millennium captures Phryne who Nessa doesn’t seem to like.


I’m with you Nessa, Clain is an idiot. Ok to be fair I’m not really that bothered by his actions in the episode, but Nessa was cute at the end and felt bad for her. It’s been a strange reunion for Clain who I’m sure expected something different from a “what are you doing here” and then a slap later. Phryne was pretty harsh with him and didn’t really think about how he got involved in such a mess. She never said not to open the data and to be fair she never said a damn thing at all to him. She should have known with his interest in that old technology that he might be able to access Nessa. Still have to say Phryne has a real habit of just running off. She intended to do that when escaping from captivity just as she did in the first episode. I really wonder what she is planning to do.

Anyways another strange thing was the real negativity between Phryne and Nessa. Now can say that at some level Phryne doesn’t like Nessa since she can’t touch her. But Nessa was pretty negative from the beginning. Though again have to remember that part of it was Phryne slapping and yelling at Clain who Nessa really cares about. I’m not sure what the real reason though is behind their issues. Is it connected to that other Nessa? Is it about their different beliefs (Nessa loves love and Phryne hates love)? Is it about Clain? Or something else entirely? I for one have no idea, but hope Nessa can at least ignore Phryne enough to not just stay away.

I kind of agree with Clain about the fuss being made about the fat rocket guy who got killed last episode. They really made a big deal about him being a hero and all that, but in the end they were the ones who shot into a crowd of innocent people and started that fight. They could have attacked before the ceremony and got people to scatter. Who was crying for the innocent people that died there? They might want to destroy a system with negative sides to it, but they are still terrorists. At least Sunda is a jerk who doesn’t care about regular people who are still in the system. To him they are just soulless and doesn’t matter if they get caught in the crossfire. Plus the whole making a baby cry to tie into a speech was just sad. Right now doesn’t seem like the Fractale side or Lost Millennium are good guys. I’d prefer avoiding both entirely if I could.

Anyways for now Clain is stuck with the crazy group and hopefully he can avoid being labeled as a radical. The series is good at leaving me lost as to where things are going to go. Clain would rather avoid the whole thing, but he can’t just ignore Phryne. I’m not sure if he’s ‘in love’ or just interested because she was such a fresh existence. Curious about Nessa who clearly is attached to Clain and for now doesn’t want to be close. Still a good episode in showing how dangerous things are getting. Fractale has some attacking robots (very similar to Gundam 00) and some pretty interesting weapons. Looking forward to next week.

2 thoughts on “Fractale – 04”

  1. Clain was clingy, but yeah his action were understandable since Phryne never gave him a clue what the heck was going on. Clain probably has to strike out on his own since neither the Lost Millennium nor the priestesses are “good”, and Phryne seems pretty questionable at this point too.

  2. @TJ
    Yeah I think Clain really needs to head out on his own to figure things out. The priestesses definitely won’t want to explain everything and Lost Millennium just can’t be trusted. Though right now you’d think he’d stick around Phryne so it might all depend on what she decides to do.

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