Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 05

Madoka goes with Sayaka on her first mission to hunt down a witch on her own.


Woah, woah, woah….hold on there. The wish determines someone’s powers? That’s pretty damn big. Before they made it just seem useless or really unrelated to actually being a magical girl. I thought before when they said it matters how the wish is made and such it was just referring to someone’s motivation and how well they would do in this kind of world, but Sayaka having healing abilities because she wished for someone to be healed? That’s pretty damn big. It raises the question about what Madoka’s wish is going to be and makes it pretty damn important. No longer is Madoka’s wish simply a means to get her to become a magical girl, but it will actually affect what kind of magical girl she is. Now, not only am I wondering what her wish will be so I simply understand how she comes about that role and what plot devices transpire to get her there, but what different scenarios could possibly mean for her power.

I still don’t trust Kyubey. It has nothing to do with his lack of emotion towards Mami or anything like that, it just seems like he’s manipulating Sayaka and Madoka to get them to become magical girls. I don’t know what he gets out of it or why he would be doing any of this manipulating but there is something about him and the way he approaches things. I almost want to think that he told Kyoko about Sayaka in order to get them to fight all in order to get Madoka to me a wish. He mentioned before about sensing great energy in her so it would make sense that if he was after something, or got something out of this that Madoka would be a big part of it. I don’t know if he gets some surge of power from granting wishes or if he feeds off their souls, whatever, I don’t trust him. It all seemed to perfect of a situation where Madoka almost had to make a wish.

Not only that, but I very much love Homura’s character. I feel so sorry for her and don’t at all think she’s mean or evil. The reason I feel sorry for her is because of how she was talking to Madoka in the restraint, about how there is no saving someone once they become a magical girl, that they have to sacrifice everything they are for a single hope. She was also talking about herself there. I think what she’s saying makes sense though, someone who becomes a magical girl, at least in this universe of how things work really seem like they are bound into that duty. That means not having any normal life, always putting yourself in danger, dealing with death and more. Effectively, giving up their life for this cause and I 100% see Homura’s side of things that it’s not worth it perhaps. She really seems to be speaking from experience and not jealousy or greed when she says she doesn’t want others to become what she is.

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