Gosick – 04

Kujo is accused of murder and a new student transfers into his class.


Considering the brute force that teacher can unleash I think she would have done a good job fighting in the Queen Berry incident, haha. I mean damn she was just brutally smacking Kujo’s back. With this episode we have the introduction of Avril. Now you might have thought she was the one from the OP, but taking a good look does reveal plenty of visual differences there. She is a somewhat strange girl who definitely has some secrets. True she was put next to Kujo in the classroom, but strange that she’d just pick him to get close to out of the class. Although from her storytelling it does seem like she enjoys ghost stories and might have talked to Kujo because he is part of one. Some weird events around her like that injury that she doesn’t have a good explanation for, going into the crypt and grabbing that book, and just looking suspicious at times. I can’t help thinking she has to be connected in some way to either the motorcycle death or that Maxim guy, though he did die 8 years ago so any connection wouldn’t be that direct.

Now I’m pretty sure on MythBusters they proved you can’t actually cut someone’s head off with wire, but it’s good for drama. Talk about a shocking murder though since the guy was just driving and then he’s dead. Kujo is going to have nightmares with all the death he’s seen so far.

The criminals of the country must have been jumping for joy when Grevil became a detective. He is really even more stupid than the average cop in a detective story. He is quite literally holding the wire in his hands and still doesn’t get that it was tied to a tree. The guy just arrests Kujo who reported the crime and it makes you wonder how many innocent people he’s put away.

Tough time for Kujo lately. He gets arrested for being a Good Samaritan and reporting the crime and has some issues with Victorique. Think that friendship with Victorique is going to be a bumpy one. Considering her past it seems very likely he’s the first and only friend she has ever had. Also with the cultural differences they are bound to run into problems. When frustrated she just ordered Kujo to leave and cut off communication. Of course Kujo probably could have left the comment of comparing her to the girl he kind of saw to himself. While Kujo did decide to apologize they both can be pretty stubborn when upset.

Now I’m sure that the cases and Victorique’s solving of them have gotten criticism. Think in some ways it can’t be helped based on the restrictions that are part of the story. Victorique can’t leave that school and so can’t look at things or even talk to suspects. Only so much she can do and I feel for her since a lot of time it has to be based on Grevil’s information which is unreliable. I don’t really care about the mysteries being super difficult and whether or not the solutions are 100% solid. Really the series is about Victorique and Kujo and the rest is just for some entertainment.

Anyways looking forward to the next episode and figuring out what is going on with Avril. Liked the hints they dropped with that “Gray Wolf” comment from Grevil. Victorique definitely acquires some nicknames though the wolf one should sound familiar. Hopefully Kujo can stay out of trouble and avoid too many arguments with Victorique.

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