Fractale – 03

Clain learns more about the world around him and a brutal battle breaks out.


I have to say this is the one series I didn’t expect this level of death from. Even right up to the Star Festival itself I really didn’t expect to see that much killing. It just seemed off from what we’ve seen so far from the series and so when the shooting got started it was a pretty shocking sight. I suppose the feeling was shared by Clain who certainly had never seen a dead person before much less people getting killed left and right.

I think this episode was an eye opener for Clain for a few reasons. He got to see how a terrorist/freedom fighter group works and a few secrets of the Fractale system. Pretty shocking for him to find out people had their ‘terminals’ removed. At least helps explain what the doppels are and how the terminal helps someone see them. I feel for Nessa who is liked by some (when they put on glasses) and yet disliked by others. It’s not a surprise since she represents the technology that Lost Millennium is rejecting. Just showing how different things were, was Clain eating real food. I’m sure they’ve managed to make it possible to feed oneself through simpler means, which would make it possible for parents to leave their kids and wander off. The best part was after that scene with Clain dancing to describe food, haha.

Right now hard to say if any of the sides here are good. Sure you saw some loving families with Lost Millennium, but they started a gun fight in the middle of civilians. They knew that the guards and old woman would fight back and that it’d be a massacre. Maybe they think people trapped by the system are worth less or are acceptable losses. Plus with the leader Sunda not being able to touch Nessa definitely clear that he dislikes her and on that I can’t trust him.

Things have definitely gotten serious though. The festival being a giant data update and possibly messing with people’s minds. It would explain how a society like that would have so little crime. If people are getting brainwashed it’d be no wonder that they couldn’t consider what was actually on the island. I also feel a bit for Nessa. She has so much energy that she’s almost more human than most people, but she can’t eat and experience taste. Not to mention can’t forget her look a like that showed up in the episode. If that girl is Phryne’s younger sister it makes you wonder why she took what was possibly her sister’s doppel. But Nessa is definitely more than just a dppel. Not sure what’s going to happen, but the return of Phryne at the end was interesting. I guess after entrusting Nessa to Clain she had no choice but to return.

Some good laughs though in the episode. I mean Enri getting stalked by Nessa even in the bathroom was hilarious. As was Nessa just showing up on the airship and claiming that Clain wasn’t doing anything that dirty.

Anyways with this episode the series could do just about anything. A moment for the loss of a member of team rocket. When comic relief characters go down things have the potential to go bad.

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