Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 04

Madoka has a change of heart about wanting to become a Puella Magi after seeing Mami’s fate.


I was quite surprised to see Sayaka become a Puella Magi so suddenly like that, away from Madoka and just making the choice on her own. I figured that Madoka and her may make their wishes together or something but to have Madoka be suddenly saved by her friend who was in the same position as she was just a short while ago was surprising. It does seem like she went with the obvious choice of making a wish to heal that kids hand/arm but I doubt it will end up the way she wants it to. The show so far has been great with making things have serious consequences and I have a feeling that while she may say she doesn’t regret the choice, and she may very well not, the boy will end up not paying any attention other or just ignore her, become some snob or something. She’ll still say it was the right thing because he’ll go on to make great music even if she can’t be with him, but I’m sure there will be some drama or something that isn’t quite how she wanted it and I hope they do a good job showing that.

I’m a bit surprised that they’ve gone this long in the show without Madoka becoming a Puella Magi. I would figure that a Mahou Shoujo show would end up having the main character become a Mahou Shoujo early on, but here are four episodes without it happening. Which, while surprising is great. It means they’re not just following some boring old formula and pattern they are talking about the consequences about something before it happens. I’m curious though what will be her big catalyst that causes her to become one though. I would have figured that Mami’s death was a pretty big catalyst but all it did was deter her from wanting to become one, which makes sense. If you see someone die horrifically you may not exactly want to jump into the activity they were doing that caused that death. Still, it now leaves us with some other action that has to spark her into becoming one.

And of course if that wasn’t enough, now there is some new evil magical girl who wants to take over Mami’s territory even if it means defeating Sayaka. Perhaps Madoka’s catalyst will have something to do with that confrontation. Either way Kyubey is starting to become more and more suspicious. I wasn’t quite suspicious of him before even though he had a smile on his face when Mami died mainly because his expression has never changed so the smile didn’t really indicate how he was feeling at the time. However conveniently being at the hospital like that when Sayaka was going through the rough patch with hospital-boy was kind of creepy and too much of a coincidence to be just happening by. Then he has this existing relationship with psycho Puella Magi girl which makes me think he really is trying to orchestrate things for his own agenda, but we’ll see. I doubt something like that will really become apparent until near the end of the show.

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  1. Yeah I was a bit surprised that Sayaka made her wish alone, but the topic of the wish was pretty much assured. At least she really spent time thinking about it. Although can argue since she was going to make that wish anyways should have done it earlier and then Mami would probably still be around.

    I hope she doesn’t regret the choice though it probably won’t turn out like she hoped for. Although I’m probably more worried about her surviving at all than her feelings for that guy. She’s already got a girl after her and it’s not going to be something she expects. Hopefully she stays in there since I think losing her would push Madoka even further from becoming a magical girl herself.

    I think doing things differently is good, long as they don’t just try to be different for the sake of being different. It still has to be a good show after all. At this rate wonder if Madoka will become one soon or if it will wait until much further in the series.

    With Kyubey I’m just not sure what to think. Think he probably has some ability to lock in on girls who want to make wishes. Shows up to Mami when dying and Sayaka when in that rough patch. Could be praying on girls at weak moments or just searching for candidates that would make a wish. Still the total lack of caring about Mami’s death makes me wonder just what he sees these girls as. Tools? Part of a business arrangement? I’m not surprised with him talking to the crazy one since he probably makes contracts with most of the girls. Long as they do their job and fight witches he probably doesn’t care what else they do.

  2. I think it’s also surprising but great that Madoka hasn’t become a Mahou Shojou just yet. I like that the creators are taking their time in Madoka making that decision, because it’s a BIG one!

    I don’t want to write Kyoko off as “evil” just yet. Sure her current goal is to give Sayaka a hard time, but there’s also a chance that she’ll be turned otherwise by the Power of FRIENDSHIP (that would be very Magical Girl like). We have to remember that Kyoko is like Homra: they’re pre-existing Mahou Shojou and they’ve both probably experienced the hardships that come along with being one. Kyoko just up and moving to a new down probably means that she (like Mami) doesn’t have any close family or friends. She’s the new face of oppositing since Homura’s softened a bit, but there’s no guarantee if she’ll stay that way. (Plus she might be the next one to die.)

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