Gosick – 03

Kazuya fights to protect Victorique after the hunting dog strikes.


Well I thought this episode turned out well. They managed to wrap up the mystery nicely and even had some pretty good action before it was all over. The mystery might not have been that hard for some to figure out, but I thought they did a pretty good job with it. That Julie was one of the kids was obvious from flashbacks and harder to conceal than it was in the novel. There were plenty of visual hints from the similar appearance to the pendant that she got from Lee back then. I thought the bag observation from Victorique was actually fairly clever. Easy enough to forget Kujo getting smacked in the head with a purse after all.

I’m really not surprised that Julie went so far for revenge. Also I’m not surprised that she had to spend time in a sanatorium (the era’s mental asylum) after what she experienced. It wasn’t just the messed up situation, but the knowledge they had been used in such a disturbing way. I’m surprised it was only those girls that took action for revenge. Guess the others just wanted to forget it ever happened and live quietly. None of the people that got killed have my pity. Ned from the start was a bastard who faked his death and helped kill some of the kids. I don’t know if he was just messed up or they had done something to him. Either way I’m glad he is dead. Maurice and the others may have believed what they were doing had major significance, but really they didn’t care at all about the kids. They completely dehumanized them and put them through hell. Those women might go to jail, but at least they will be satisfied.

I’m kind of curious how the situation is going to be handled overall. The last thing the government would want would be a horrible incident like that made public. Yet it was right there in the paper, I guess Grevil isn’t capable of staying quiet after all. You’d think this would be a major black eye to have such a horrible thing done by major politicians. But maybe they minimized the more dirty details and only focused on Julie. Hopefully things turn out alright for them since it’s hard to feel sorry for anyone that was killed by Julie’s actions.

Will have to give Kujo credit for stepping up in this episode. It was a pretty dangerous series of events and yet he handled it well. The last episode standing in front of Victorique took guts and fighting Ned took some as well. He showed some good skills landing those hits on Ned with the brass knuckles. It’s too bad he didn’t hold onto them since Ned was even more sturdy than they could have imagined. It does make you think about Kujo’s past and his family though. He uses that line about being “the third son of an imperial soldier”, but it doesn’t seem like he’s really that proud of it. He had that flashback with his father and did leave the country to study abroad. Still he’s a good guy who knows what has to be done when things get bad. He may not be as observant as Victorique, but plenty of good qualities there.

I’m sure a few were surprised with the background of Victorique. It was probably easy to stumble about her being the half sister of Grevil since there were weeks to accidentally see her last name somewhere. Again with a novel easier to not find out things like that until the end. I guess for a noble family like hers, being an illegitimate child would be a big deal. May not have said a lot about her mother, but clearly Victorique’s past wasn’t pleasant. From her explanation about Julie it seems she had a tough time in terms of space. Even now she is limited to being at that school most of the time.

Finally everything is clear about the Roxanne prophecy. What a messed up incident I have to say. Putting innocent kids through a nightmare like that to try and figure out what was going to happen with the war was extreme. It’s even dumber since England was the hound and so couldn’t have a normal connection to any of the other kids. Guess you could call it a self-fulfilling prophecy since they planned according to that prophecy and so helped it come true. To have some level of international politics decided by something like that is pretty scary.

It was nice to see the bond between Kazuya and Victorique grow in this episode. She now at least considers him a friend which is probably a first for her. It was tough for her to get Kazuya away from Ned when he was oblivious to the danger. Her reaction when he put her in the radio room and when he returned after the fight was the most telling. I’m sure she considered it very possible he would get killed. It must have been hard to just keep sending the message when at any time Ned could walk into that room and kill her. Besides I’m sure she felt responsibility for them being there and so couldn’t stand him dying for her sake. It was cute though when she stopped herself from running over when he walked into the room. Very obvious as she stopped and calmly went over there to hold his hand. Their bond should be more than enough reason for people to watch the series.

Anyways with this the first novel has been covered. We’ve seen Victorique and Kazuya get closer and I’m sure that bond is going to be important as they get involved in more mysteries. Of course with Victorique’s complicated family history, getting out to find mysteries is easier said than done.

3 thoughts on “Gosick – 03”

  1. I was quite impressed by Kujo, especially when he took those knuckle dusters and punched the hell out of the killer.

    It was definitely a different ending from what I expected. While the girl, Julie, was the culprit, she was not the killer kind of? It was an interesting twist! XD

    Wow, I didn’t know these 3 episodes were for an entire novel, but good stuff!

  2. I did love how Kujo showed us some of his fighting skills in this ep – thankgod being the third son of an imperial solider has its benefits. Though not the best action, it was a so-so. Better than nothing :)

  3. @Setsuken
    Kujo definitely made good use out of those brass knuckles. Certainly an axe is a pretty dangerous weapon, but can’t underestimate the damage of a good punch with those knuckles added.

    Julie was certainly a victim as much as anyone. With her past a desire for revenge was understandable. She was as much responsible for the deaths in this arc as those men were for the kids who were killed. The one trap killed a guy and she personally killed Maurice and Ned. Of course the last two it was in defence of the kids who were in mortal danger. In terms of the guys killed trying to escape she purposely pushed them psychologically and was responsible for those deaths. The fact she had a gun on her in the first place probably meant that she planned on killing them more openly if Kujo and Victorique hadn’t been around. Will say in the novels I was surprised. I struggled to place her in the flashbacks that were described as they traveled through the boat and not just at the end.

    To be fair the first novel wasn’t that long being a couple hundred pages. They didn’t cut out too much though a couple scenes I wouldn’t have minded having in. Still they did a good job with it.

    Yeah I guess even Kujo was grateful to a degree for his background during this situation. While the flashback didn’t look positive it helped give him some skills that he used in the fight. Though at the end it was more just desperation and throwing himself at Ned.

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