Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 03

Madoka finds a grief seed outside a hospital and races to find Mami to help eliminate it.


WISH FOR HER BACK! Use your goddamn wish that you were going to use on a f’ing cake and wish Mami back to life!

Ok, that may have been abrupt but…dear god, this episode was not what I expected. The whole show really is a bit different from what I thought, but that still fell within my realm of possibilities as to what the show could become. I originally thought that this show was going to an upbeat and light hearted Mahou Shoujo show along the lines of Nanatsuiro Drops or maybe even Nanoha. I thought it would follow standard way of things, using its unique lore about witches but still being about fighting the occasional weird monster prevailing with the power of friendship or optimism, perseverance you know the stuff that every other Mahou Shoujo show out there does. This isn’t to say I wanted the show to be like other shows. Even if it followed that formula the art direction alone places it in a unique position, but I never expected anything like this.

However getting back to the matter at hand, the line that I literally out loud screamed at my screen at the end of this episode. WISH FOR HER BACK! Dear god, I’ll be so pissed off at this show if it doesn’t at least entertain the possibility of doing that. I mean Madoka’s got no idea of what to use a wish for. I originally thought she was going to use it to help her mom get a better job, but then I thought she really could use it for nothing if she wanted to become a magical girl. So she’s got nothing better to use the wish on why don’t you use it for a small thing like bringing back to life the girl who introduced this world to you which you said you wanted. I mean….there isn’t even the issue of wanting to become a magical girl, she already said she wanted to to the point where she was going to throw the wish away. If you want to become a magical girl anyways use your wish to bring Mami back to life.

Now, this may be the pessimist inside me but I doubt that will happen. Maybe there will be some limit to the wish like not being able to bring her back, or something like how she was already saved once with wish or because of the enemy she fought her death was unique, some bullshit like that to a wish which seemingly had no restrictions. I can live with there being a restriction that prevents her from being brought back to life. I won’t like it, but I understand its need to add some darkness to the show and focus in on the theme of this life isn’t a fun and happy one. However if they don’t at least try to bring her back, if it doesn’t cross their minds that it’s an option it would just be the stupidest thing ever. There is no reason other than it physically can’t be done for the wish not be made by at least Madoka. COME ON. If nothing else Mami’s fight scenes with the long one shot lever action rifles was so damn cool to watch I want her back for that.

There are some other things going on for this show though that will be interesting to see. If Mami is indeed taken out of the equation then it seems as though Sayaka, Madoka, and Homura will be the main cast. Homura is interesting; she seems to be a very Fate like character in this series. She’s obviously not actually evil or bad, she just has a kind of dark outlook on things. Thinking to what just happened in this episode I think she has a giant “I told you so” moment in that this world of Mahou Shoujo is not all happy and peppy. She’s just being blunt and to the point. I don’t think its selfishness in not wanting completion from other Mahou Shoujo girls but she may on some level, or all the way, simply care not to drag other people into this harsh world.

I’m also a bit interested in Sayaka. There aren’t usually two girls who are newly introduced to the world of magic in many cases; it’s the one main character and then others who are already involved. It will be interesting seeing how Sayaka and Madoka’s relationship change through all they go through. Plus Sayaka’s wish may very well have something to do with the boy in the hospital and I’m curious if that will turn out how she wants it or if it will turn out bad, as Kyubey ominous talked about the different between the motivation for wishes and such.

2 thoughts on “Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 03”

  1. After all this, and seeing the permanent smile Kyuubei had on his face as he STILL tried to badger Sayaka and Madoka into forming a contract with him, don’t you feel like roasting the smug furball over a fire somewhere? Even if in the end he isn’t revealed as outright evil (as some have been theorizing, given the Faust parallels) but simply callous because of what he needs to do, I bet many people won’t mind if he gets beaten up something fierce.

    And this is just what we needed: two trigger-happy idiots willing to jump into what amounts to a meatgrinder, just to honor their friend’s memory.

  2. Honestly I am with you on the wish front. I mean really Madoka has absolutely nothing to wish for. She was going to use a wish that would make her a magical girl…to make her a magical girl. Seriously wish Mami back to life if you really have nothing better. If it’s possible I think they will do it since those girls cared about Mami and will be really messed up after seeing her die like that.

    This series really has been a shock. It’s like if the enemies in Sailor Moon were actually dangerous. That someone got killed just completely shocks me. This really isn’t the type of show that they were painting it out to be.

    The pessimist in me thinks the wish won’t happen, but I’ll try to hope for the best. Also wonder what Sayaka will do. She just saw something horrible and I wonder if she will decide that anything is worth putting her life on the line like that for. Plus she definitely has a death flag of not being Madoka or having mystery behind her like Homura.

    Just a crazy third episode.

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