Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 01

Madoka has a fateful encounter after school with a new exchange student and she is introduced tot he world of Mahou Shoujo and Witches.


I’ve always loved Mahou Shoujo anime. In fact, I think it’s a topic I have one of my few editorials on somewhere, go read it. However I still didn’t know what to expect from this show other than it was in that genre of Mahou Shoujo. I kind of had some hope that it would be different because Shaft was doing it, as I am in love with them so a combination of two things I love can only turn out awesome, right?

Absolutely right indeed. Dear god did I love the first episode of this show. You see, despite being Mahou Shoujo, which it is indeed, it seems to have a different feel as well. First of the animation is very Shaft like. The weird backdrops to the characters, real life pictures in backgrounds and weird patterns. I mean, just thinking back to Bakemono the surroundings were spot on. However probably because of this my initial reaction to the first episode was “What the hell is going on” When they showed some of the weird “Witch Dimension, it was just so…trippy I had no idea what was going on. It was definitely far different from other Mahou Shoujo shows while still in fact being a Mahou Shoujo show.

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