Freezing – First Impressions

At first I was pretty sure this show was going to be nothing more than another ecchi school/romance/comedy show. Although it didn’t have a super outrageous harem set up like some other shows the premise of guys partnering with some girl seemed to lend itself to that basic feeling. Although I knew there would be some fighting in it I didn’t’ really think anything of it…and then the first episode happened…

I was not expecting anywhere close to this amount of bloodshed and gore in the series. While obviously not as bad as many shows, and some of this may have been for the shock value in the first episode as the second episode didn’t have as much of it, it was still far more violent than I expected. Although the show does have Queen’s Blade physics in that a punch seems to disintegrate half of a woman’s clothing, it still has this serious aspect to it beyond all the fanservice. Sure there is the setup of the tsundere girl falling for the average guy there and so on. However despite having that aspect to it, the amount of fighting and seriousness they seem to have on it makes me think that the show can be more than just the nudity and tsundere encounters.

I’ve also got a feeling about Satelizer as being a bit more than just a regular tsundere. She reminds me very much of the girl from Mamoru-kun who goes all super dere dere around the guy but is still tsun towards everything else. In other words, not hiding the dere side. She seems to take a very noticeable and drastic change when she was thinking of and being around the guy that I’m interested to see how they will interact when she stops ignoring him, as I have some hopes for it being different from a regular tsundere encounter.

3 thoughts on “Freezing – First Impressions”

  1. I have to say it was definitely a more violent start to the series than I expected. Also think Satelizer will be a solid female lead once we get a better feel for her personality. Right now the weak point I think is the male lead. We have the throwing yourself at a girl who you think is your dead sister in one episode and then someone who seems to have issues respecting personal space in the next. He is really going to need to pull it together.

  2. The anime is adapted from the manhwa (South Korean variant to Japanese manga) from the same name, if anyone out there is interested.

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