Fractale – 02

Clain meets Nessa who displays unique abilities and drags him around town.


Well the second episode was definitely different with Nessa taking the stage. Phryne only appeared via flashback so Nessa was a key part of the episode. I wasn’t sure what kind of personality we were going to get when she popped out like that. The super energetic and cheerful personality was a surprise, but actually nice. A real contrast to the normal people in that world who are so isolated and lacking the will to interact with each other. She just forced things along and Clain got dragged around in the process.

The powers Nessa has makes me wonder about some things. She could not only touch doppels which shouldn’t be possible, but she set all the electronics haywire. Not to mention she has to be what the older priestess referred to as the key of the world. It seems that Nessa has some deeper power that can create change in this strange world. Though not sure what she could possess that would allow people to become closer again. What is strange is her ability to touch Clain. It vanished for a while when his feelings weren’t that positive. Certainly not like the normal touch doppel at all. Will also say not that surprised that touch doppels were first developed for the sex industry. That is always the industry of change…

Clain has a rough episode to put it nicely. He did want to dump Nessa earlier because she was so hard to handle. He was tired and it seemed like chaos just followed her. But it’s not surprising since for most of his life the guy has been alone. He’s gotten used to living at his own pace with little interruption from others. Nessa just throws things into a whirlwind of action. But by the end Clain realized that he really doesn’t want to be alone anymore. That he doesn’t like that way of living. Thankfully Nessa appeared at the right time to save him from those negative feelings.

I’m not sure what is up with that stupid trio. They are working with some strange guy, but I’m not sure at all what his intentions are. He was certainly interested in Phryne, but not sure if it’s just an attraction or if he has a goal. They really are a sad group. Their ability to follow people without being seen is horrible and their traps are obvious. Only Nessa being foolish saved them there. Though have to say it’s pretty petty to disassemble a guy’s bike like that. I’d have just called the cops on them.

This episode did give a good view on the society though. People just moving around in mobile homes and even though they park in the same area there is no interaction. The most they interacted was in an angry mob. Clain’s mother talks about their view of a family which is pretty different. They all spend time apart and live freely. They are a family because they trust each other enough not to constrain each other. It sounds fine with that positive spin, but can see how Clain is unhappy. Could look at the situation of the parent’s not caring enough to want to spend real time with their children or each other.

A different pace from the last episode and I’m still not sure what direction things are going to go in. Still I’m enjoying the series and think this could turn out well. Clain and Nessa got captured which should move things along.

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