Dragon Crisis – First Impressions

I didn’t really think this show would be very good….at all really. I just kind of picked it as I didn’t have many other things I was watching and it seemed like a silly stupid show I could have fun with. However I was blown away by the second episode and was really on the edge of my seat really near the end. I just didn’t expect for this show to have anything more than the cute random girl who showed up doing quirky cute things.

However it’s not simply the fact that they had something meaningful happen that has changed my hopes for this show, it’s how early and how big that thing is. Even in similar shows in the same genre at the very end of the 12 episode run or what have you there will be something that takes up the last two episodes that is kind of urgent or slightly more meaningful than the other stuff. However that seems to be what’s going on here. The fact that they introduced this antagonist and this problem so early, and they didn’t just hint at it they had it affect things, it makes me hope that there will be more of this conflict more frequently in the show, turning it into something a lot more than a random ecchi harem show.

Obviously time will tell if the show ends up meeting those expectations, but after the second episode I can certainly say that I have far more hope for this show than I did before.

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  1. I have to admit I didn’t have very high expectations for this series. Certainly the speed they got to a major problem was pretty interesting. Have a slightly weak lead, but one with serious family issues. Also with Rose’s vocabulary growing rapidly won’t have a problem of her being a one word female lead. If we can get some good action and development between the lead characters it should turn out pretty well.

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