Gosick – 02

Victorique and Kazuya are trapped on the Queen Berry that is full of traps.


While the episode was moving pretty quickly it was still a pretty good one. Kazuya and Victorique really have wandered right into the middle of a dangerous mess. Stuck on a ship that apparently is in the middle of nowhere and sinking. Now that alone would be a pretty bad situation, but that’s hardly the complete picture. Someone on that ship drugged the group and stuck them on a ship full of traps and weapons. Now I think we can assume the person behind it didn’t go with the older people on the boat since they would be more calm and know the dangers.

I’m going to avoid deeply speculating since I know how this arc is going to end. Though I’m still going to talk about some obvious things and let people speculate on their own time. While one of the 5 people in the group must be connected to this situation it doesn’t mean they are the only ones involved. They haven’t seen anyone, but that doesn’t eliminate the possibility that someone else is involved. Still one of Maurice, Juile, and Ned have to be involved. Obviously Kazuya and Victorique didn’t set this situation up and shouldn’t have any ties to the previous incident with the other children considering it happened 10 years earlier. Now either Maurice is quite good at faking things or he really isn’t involved in this incident. Seems to have snapped from the stress from the apparent revenge set against him. Juile has gotten quite a bit of attention and with a wealthy family resources. Although she said her father owned a coal mine and kind of hard to believe a child of a wealthy parent would be thrown into a situation like that. Ned is a bit more vague being a foreign actor though could have gotten an invite from contacts. Certainly Ned and Juile are the most suspicious being the right age for a “hare” seeking revenge.

What a messed up situation that happened 10 years ago though. Throwing a bunch of kids that for the most part couldn’t communicate into that boat was monstrous. Traps and weapons only add to the problem and amazing that anyone survived the situation at all. I can’t feel much sympathy for the old guys who got killed on the escape boat. Of course it’s one thing to want revenge it’s another to start killing people. Besides it’s not just the old people who are in danger, but Kazuya and Victorique. They might not have been planned, but that’s the reality of the situation.

Thought there was some interesting flashbacks for Kazuya in this episode. Get a better understanding of him with being a younger son from a military family. Can look at him and see a young Japanese man who has a strong sense of duty and honor. But considering that flashback didn’t look very positive it makes you wonder about his family life. Besides he’s putting his life on the line for Victorique after knowing her for such a short amount of time. It makes him more than just the guy who is standing beside Victorique.

Of course that laugh by Victorique was a highlight all by itself. It was such a bizarre thing, but it makes sense since Victorique is such a strange person in general. Not seeming to be in contact with many people it’s not a surprise that her laugh is unusual. A pretty solid job figuring out how the situation was a set-up. She probably remembered which was the real room they came from and the smell helped tip her off also. Victorique is making good use of her senses to help understand things. I’m sure she is worried about the situation even though she hides a lot under her reserved expression. At the same time she is probably working through the situation to understand what’s going on. We’re also getting some good banter between her and Kazuya. The start of the episode was worth a smile as several items (treats, the chair, utensils) that Kazuya left behind would have been of use.

Anyways the episode definitely ended on a pretty big moment. Of course Kazuya isn’t going to get killed since it’s the second episode and he’s the lead. Still a shot was fired so something happened. Either the guy missed or someone else took a shot. Will have to wait and see to find out what happened.

2 thoughts on “Gosick – 02”

  1. I think Victorique’s laugh was actually fake, as she was trying to humor Kazuya, and then the old guy.

    As for this episode, it was pretty interesting, although it reminds me of a certain DS game I’ve played just a bit of a while ago (9 Doors, 9 Persons, 9 Hours). The story for said game also revolved around Children being brought to a tanker, and a similar aftermath/ship murder mystery about 8 years after.

    I personally think, the person who arranged this is none other than The girl in the red dress:

    http://xebek.animeblogger.net/wp-content/pictures/screenshots2/gosick/episode 02 – large1.jpg

    I’m also assuming she’s the one who shot the bullet. Either that, or she’ll come in the way because of how impressed she was with how Kazuya was protecting Victorique

  2. @Setsuken
    Yeah it did remind me of that game. Though I actually just played a demo and hadn’t gotten the full version. Certainly a familiar feel being stuck in that situation.

    Definitely the girl is a pretty strong suspect for what is going on. Age at least fits with being one of the children though still no guarantee on who survived that situation. Still a pretty good suspect and plenty of time to suspect her given that she was the first person to try and open that door.

    Possible that she did shoot. Anyone that survived and certainly the person who planned this knows that there are weapons and where they are. I wouldn’t go around with a group of strangers without having some sort of protection in case someone like Maurice snapped.

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