Fractale – 01

Clain meets the mysterious Phryne and helps tend to her injuries.


I have to say the first episode of this series really gave me a good feeling. I was on the fence about doing episode posts or intermediate posts, but the first episode just pulled me in. Something that just felt fresh in contrast to the other shows this season. Things just seemed lined up for this to be a nice show to watch.

Clain is a pretty solid male lead. He isn’t unbelievable in the embarrassment he showed this episode and was pretty reliable when needed. Not everyone would have climbed along a cliff and managed to hide a girl away that quickly. Also he didn’t just freak out when she fell asleep without clothes (or at least we didn’t see him freak out). Clain just got her dressed and went to his computer while she slept. Not a bad voice either so think things will work out fine with him.

It’s an interesting world that the series has created so far. Definitely a futuristic world, but one that has almost regressed a bit. People living in such hermit like existences in which they rarely interact with another human being. Clain’s family really was a perfect example of it. His parents living apart from their child and each other. Sure they spend breakfast and dinner together, but it’s only through doppels. Really has to be hard to build up family emotions to strange beings sitting at your table. It’s no wonder his smile has faded a little. The world is so boring for him that he can only throw himself into the machines in his room. Definitely his life is going to change now.

Phryne is a strange girl. That’s really the most basic description that I can come up with for her character right now. A lot of mysteries around her and what she was carrying around. Of course any time a character’s first appearance is a dogfight with a blimp, that character is going to stick in your mind. Some of what she said almost made you think she’s a time traveler or something. The whole “this era” line was bound to lead to that question. Have to wonder why she left something so precious with Clain. Sure he’s a good and trustworthy person, but makes you wonder. Still a cute girl and pretty clever with her sabotage of the blimp.

That trio of stooges were definitely odd. I thought they would be more villainous with how they were shooting from the blimp like that. Then they show up at Clain’s house with those sad disguises and attempts to get inside. Though I feel for them when revealing their limited budget for disguises. Still the homeless attempt was just sad and funny. Fun to watch them get sent flying at the end.

Really I just felt the first episode did a good job getting people interested. With a lot of darker series this had an interesting mix. I just enjoyed looking at the nice scenary the series has and getting into the world. Seems from some picture comparisons that the series is taking place in Ireland which kind of fit with the ED. Look forward to the aftermath of the next girl that showed up out of nowhere.

OP Thoughts:

Definitely a different style of OP with that kaleidoscope effect. Really it was like that for the whole series without showing off the characters or any scenes. In some respects that’s refreshing since no spoilers, but could say they were keeping it overly simple. It was a pretty nice song though. Some good energy in there and could see myself enjoying listening to it each episode.

ED Thoughts:

The ED was pretty different with having the girl prominent in it popping onto the scene right before the episode ended. Very simple visually with the girl just sitting there and seeing the wind blowing the grass and her hair. A nice ballad song and sung in English it was pretty nice to listen to. Will be listening to this after every episode without fail.

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  1. I can fairly confirm this is taking place in Ireland (as I live there :P), the scenery looks just like the west of Ireland, with those types of stone walls being exceedingly common there. Furthermore the houses out west also look very similiar to Clain’s house. Likewise the church is a typical medieval Irish Church, and the tombstones match up as well. Likewise the cliffscapes are also pretty typical of the west, around mayo and the cliffs of Moher (seen in many tourist videos…). Likewise the pretty bare landscapes are also typical of the region.

    All this might be kinda circumstantial, but even the police seen at the very beginning are Irish, their Car is labeled Garda (Our police are called Garda, and their hats and uniforms also match up. Th only thing that’s out of place are the fact they carry guns (we have an unarmed police force), and the arm band, but I’d say that’s pretty minor. Also the ED is an Irish Tune, though the Engrish somewhat impedes from pinning if it’s just in the style, or an actual tune. I’ve heard something very similiar to it before.

    Anyway, I’ve got an Anime taking place in my home country, I gotta watch it!

  2. I was on the fence about even trying this show. Having read your review, and having known you to be a man of refined taste, I shall definitely be checking this show out, and then giving a proper comment!

  3. @DonQuigleone
    Well glad to get a stronger confirmation on the location of the anime. I did get that feeling from the landscape and some picture comparisons on the church. Surprised there was quite a few things to add solidity to the Ireland location. Would agree that even carrying firearms is pretty minor since if we’re talking about a futuristic kind of show things can change over time.

    I can’t recall another time of an anime taking place in Ireland so definitely hope you enjoy this. Can only claim some heritage myself leading back to Ireland myself.

    For some reason there is now some pressure after reading this comment, haha. Well do hope you enjoy the first episode since I certainly did.

  4. Comedy OVA also took place in Ireland, but it didn’t really look at all like Ireland, just said it was.

    There’s some other cool stuff pointing it to being Ireland, they don’t take their shoes off when going indoors(not strictly Irish, but not Japanese either), the juice he’s drinking at the beginning is labelled Bitter Seirbh(Seirbh is Irish for bitter), and there’s a photo going around showing the chapel to be an exact replica of one on the Aran Islands.

    I don’t know why they chosen Ireland of all places though, it’s not like any other location outside Japan has gotten this kind of treatment before. I doubt that most Japanese people know where Ireland even is…

  5. I wouldn’t normally try something like this, thanks for turning me on to it. Seems like its off to a decent start!

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