Yosuga no Sora – Final Impressions

I’m really quite disappointed with this show. Overall I really just didn’t like it which is actually rare for me. Putting aside Sora’s arc itself for a second and looking at the whole show overall, it’s a little better but it still has a lot of problems that I can’t get over. For the most part it just seemed to be all over the place. There was hardly any development with the characters and they just went from barely knowing each other to sleeping together. While the situation itself may not be that unheard of, and it’s not the act itself I have a problem with but they then tried to turn it into a meaningful relationship which couldn’t really be portrayed in such a short time when they didn’t flesh out the characters. I didn’t feel like I knew any of them or cared about them, so what happened to them was meaningless.

As for Sora’s arc, well that was just absolutely horrible as well. I’ve never really been a huge fan of incest itself as a genre or a focus. Non blood-related is perfectly fine and such but when they go about stating clearly how related they are and even have it as part of the story that this is kind of wrong, the whole tale itself just doesn’t really seem to fit. However again even giving it the benefit of the doubt for an incest story it wasn’t good. Sora was just this spoiled, horrible, bitch. The stuff she said, how selfish she was being, not caring for her brothers feelings in the matter and going so far as to say the whole “Now we’re even” thing to Nao was just horrible. I just didn’t like her character which made liking her story itself impossible. It was a bad end to a series that wasn’t too great to start with.

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  1. I definitely agree with what you said here.

    I was going into it expecting some good old drama and angst… but meh, this was pretty much just a “lets shove in as many sex scenes as we can and use the story as a way to get from one sex scene to the next”.

    The entire story was just… not all that interesting. Each girls path was pretty cliche. The resolutions were pretty uneventful. The backstory of each of the girls ranged from mediocre to

    The final arc was just plain disgusting and horrible. I’m very very not into incest, and I know there’s pr0n that exists for that stuff… and thats why it should stay out of TV anime XD

    Good, accurate opinions I’d say. I’m sorry you had to actually blog through the whole series, I’d have winced each time XD

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