Gosick – 01

Kazuya meets Victorique and a mystery presents itself to them.


Well I think Gosick had a pretty good first episode. Having read the first volume was looking forward to this series and really didn’t have many complaints. The series did a good job introducing the protagonists and setting them up for what is to come. It didn’t look bad visually and fit the early 1900s theme.

A big part of this show is going to be the main characters. Kazuya is a pretty solid guy and should fit the kind of Watson role that he’ll be playing. Obviously people will see the comparison with Sherlock Holmes. He’s a fairly bright student, but can get carried away by his sense of justice. Obviously no one would want to go on a boat trip with Grevil, but Kazuya got into it before he realized. Definitely able to take action with him re-arranging Victorique’s luggage and the way he talked to Grevil. He should fit well with Victorique since his appearance has helped separate him from the rest of the class.

Victorique is our obvious Holmes for this series complete with a pipe, haha. Think the voice they chose with Yuuki, Aoi was a good call. A girl who apparently hasn’t gone out much and further separates herself from the school with staying in that huge library. She easily solved the murder of the fortune teller, but showed such energy with the trip through town. A couple different sides to her character and clearly some history behind why it took Grevil some work to get her permission to leave. Her interactions with Kazuya should be fun. With Victorique being a young girl who spends more time reading and riding elevators than working out, I expect to see Kazuya taking on the physical roles.

The murder that Victorique solved certainly wasn’t a very complicated one. I mean with the position of the body and how the maid shot the lock it seemed clear that she killed the woman. Less obvious was that it was an intentional killing until she told them to take a look around for a shot taken from the maid’s room. Actually shows how incompetent Grevil is if the police didn’t even search the house and find the mirror initially. Although if the woman escaped it just shows how bad they are in general. Still Grevil is a pretty comical guy with that hairstyle and has some sense with the offer to get Victorique out for the day.

Taking an invitation sent to a dead woman certainly seems like a questionable move. Of course with the talk about a box and hares it seems like they couldn’t just ignore it. With Victorique being a person who puts pieces together it’d be tough to ignore a mystery.

Series did show some gruesome sides to it with the hares getting slaughtered by that dog. Clearly the fortune telling woman was completely nuts. Though does make one wonder about why she did kill her.

Anyways this was a good start to the show. Everything has been set-up and now the duo moves onto that ship with the name “Queen Berry” on the hull. The same name as the ghost ship that Kazuya read about.

OP Thoughts:

A pretty upbeat opening song for the series. I liked the song and think it will be a fine one to listen to as the show goes on. The visuals had a nice style to them and fit the time of the series. It showed the main characters and some side characters that have yet to make their appearance. Also got to see some dark figures who are likely to be villains. It’s a good OP for getting you excited about the episode.

ED Thoughts:

They decided to go for a more melodic song for the ED. I liked it since it somewhat lines up with the darker tones that the series is going to have for the mysteries. The focus was definitely on the main characters with some effects like colored butterflies. I enjoyed the song and that lead up music should work well with how some episodes are likely to end.

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  1. I thought Holmes was a badass fighter who could punch professional boxers unconscious and fenced better than a garden hedge.

    Victorique, I am disappoint.

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