Fortune Arterial – Final Impressions

I have a bit of mixed feelings about this show. On one hand the show itself was a lot of fun to watch. The characters were interesting and funny, some fun interactions, and some of the vampire lore that they have was a bit different from many others such as the whole focus on Servants. However it wasn’t without some problems that I’m really disappointed in. Mainly, the ending and what they did with the “overall plot”. Now, I pretty much expected the show to end this way so I’m not surprised, but what I expected wasn’t really good. They seem to have just effectively postponed this big decision. They treated the problem of Erika getting a Servant and they acted like they solved this problem all nice and happily but they didn’t do that at all. All they did was postpone this issue, and act like it’s solved for good. They will have to revisit this issue of Erika getting a servant or if the two of them want to stay together something has to be done to turn one of them immortal or one mortal, etc. Kouhei even said himself that he may become a Servant of Erika’s in the future, but it’s up for them to decide. He admitted himself that nothing got solved at all!

That was my biggest disappointment, nothing happened yet they treated it as though something did. Acting like they solved Erika and Kouhei’s problem when nothing happened and we don’t get to see anything in the future when something may be decided. I understand that in order for something to be resolved they would have to have some pretty serious things such as Kouhei making the decision to be immortal with Erika or the two of them saying they love each other enough to do that, but when you have a vampire story like that you kind of need to have those big moments otherwise you end up with this, nothing happening.

Other than my problem with the ending though, overall it was still fun to watch for the most part. The episodes leading up to the ending that dealt with just regular school life were interesting and they did have some vampire moments they resolved such as Haruna’s memories and so on. I do have to say that in the second to last episode I was blown away by Shiro offering to be Erika’s Servant. She never really did much as a character at all until that point but for such a timid character to step up in a huge way like that was awesome to see and just made Shiro all the more awesome. So for those better moments, the show was ok I just wish they handled the ending differently.

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  1. I actually liked the ending. I think I was satisfied because I took the ending to be only the end of the SEASON. Even if another one is never made, it’s clear that there’s a lot of depth in the story that hasn’t been touched. I would rather that these ideas only be hinted at and never resolved in the anime than for something to be slapped happily together at the end.

    I definitely agree that the show was a lot of fun to watch, though. Some funny characters and some that were very intriguing. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

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