Amagami SS – 25 [Final]

Junichi learned the truth about what happened two years ago at Christmas.


I am glad that they took time to explain what the hell went on two years ago. In every arc they reference it and sometimes it’s quite an important aspect of the arc. His problems from two years pushing him to do something that causes him to be with the girl, etc. They would have gone without it though, just saying something happened it doesn’t matter what, but he’s depressed but I don’t’ think explaining it here really hurt anything.

The episode/mini-arc itself was pretty good. It was interesting to have a seventh character’s arc more or less in this one episode and although it seems like it would be an odd thing to have and a hard thing to do, I think they handled it pretty well. There was an interesting story there, a character that did some bad things for love but is sorry and in the end I thought it was a nice small little story.

Final Thoughts:

This really has been one of the most interesting series I’ve seen in a long time. Really no other show has done something like this, and if they tried to do something similar they mess it up and things just suck *cough*YnS*cough*.

It seemed odd to only have four episodes to tell a characters story when many series take a whole 12 to do so which sidetracking here and there. However in most cases the four episodes worked out great. It had just enough time to show one or two funny quirky moments and the rest because they were pressed for time was dedicated to some of the important character development events. There wasn’t a lot of fluff it was just a fast moving quick but rather though story. Now of course some arcs were better than others…

Out of the six main arcs, I would definitely say that my favorites were Haruka, Ai, and Ayatsuji. The other three, while not TERRIBLE weren’t really the best. Kaoru’s seemed to just be all over the place. Basically just amounting to the fact that the two of them were existing friends and how far is the friendship compared to where a relationship starts, so on and so forth and Rihoko was pretty much the same way except if you can believe it even slower moving with no resolution at the end at all. Sae’s wasn’t horrible but again it didn’t’ seem like much really happened. It was a bunch of episodes of them spending time together until some convenient moment at the end where they kind of say they kind of like each other and go from there.

The other three though were great. Haruka had this interesting twist where Junichi was rejected, tried again, was rejected and then they kept going until eventually she was regretting saying no because she found herself liking him. It was interesting because Haruka while seeming to be one dimensional, being this quirky idol did show this other sensitive side at the very end. Plus the epilogue was great showing how these two acted so weird, yet did so together making them a match. Ai was great because she seemed like such a complex character without having these hidden sides to her. She was simply who she was, but that was interesting. She was confident, sarcastic and witty yet showed she did have a weak side when her hopes kind of fell through but Junichi was still there. I thought the best part about her arc was Ai herself. Finally Ayatsuji’s was definitely the most complex arc and character, with so many things going on I was actively engaged as opposed to some arcs where it just seemed like the time being spent together wasn’t going anywhere, Ayatsuji’s arc always had something hard hitting going on and was a thrill to watch with a great end.

Overall with some of the great arcs and the interesting story telling, this was a great show.

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  1. I agree, this was a pretty good show. I’m kinda bummed out that its over already.
    Also – I kinda liked YnS but I understand that it had quite a bit you could dislike about it.

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