Amagami SS – 24 [Ayatsuji Arc End]

Junichi is concerned when Ayatsuji starts acting differently than normal.


I didn’t really know what to think about the last episode of this arc. They left it at kind of an odd place last episode as far as why and how messed up Ayatsuji was. My main concern was that they would just have her acting this way for no real reason other than to cause drama but when they finally fleshed it out in the end I think it added to her character was very interesting and beneficial. She tried to be who she thought she was supposed to be and didn’t think about who she wanted to be or who she really was. I thought they handled Junichi telling her to be herself, even the bad parts, quite well and it was quite sweet at the end.

I loved that they finally had another epilogue in this arc, like they did with Haruka’s arc. Although I understand leaving somethings to the imagination many of the arcs while they ended with the two characters together it didn’t really show what became of that. In Haruka’s case it was great because we saw how quirky and fun they were and that they still acted in that weird way, being a perfect match. Here, it’s the same thing, showing what becomes of them helps out the story. Showing that they have a little kid now and they bring her to the same tree, the whole feeling of Christmas that they have with her and together was quite good I think I just wish more of the arcs had these epilogues.

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