Amagami SS – 23

Ayatsuji enlists the help of others when she falls behind in preparations for the founder’s festival.


This episode was just filled with all sorts of things. First though the biggest thing was Ayatsuji’s thing at the end there. She’s shown different sides of her personality before but this seems a bit different, like she snapped or something. At first I suspected she was just being super nice to manipulate the girls into helping and that she genuinely kind of threw away the super negative part that Junichi was talking about but the fact that they didn’t laugh it off at the end and that Junichi mentioned that she was acting odd really kind of set off some alarm bells that there is something a lot more going on here, which I’m very anxious to find out about.

I do have to say though that Ayatsuji going all dark in front of the three bitch girls was just absolutely awesome. I was surprised that she showed that side of herself to other people but when she did she just shut them up and it was awesome to see her basically stand up for herself and Junichi. Plus I loved that she was so forward when she pretty much confessed to Junichi. She’s the first girl that’s really taken any kind of initiative like that except maybe Ai but Ayatsuji did so in a much bigger and bolder way.

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