Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 13 [Final]

Miyuki takes her shot and Yakumo decides on donating Isshin’s organs.


Just a great last episode. I thought they did a great job with episode 9, but this was just even better. The best part of the episode had to be when Yakumo said Isshin was his father. A true statement since he took care of and raised Yakumo. Really the man was his father in all the ways that were important. It just made the episode all the harder on Yakumo to let him go and move on. Just amazing how he managed to agree to having his uncle’s organs donated considering that it was the doctor who killed him. Also it’s a good thing that Miyuki isn’t a great shot or Gotou might have joined Isshin in dying this episode. Of course if you’re going to get shot doing it on top of a hospital is a good place for it to happen.

No doubt it was his feelings for Haruka that helped him resist his father’s control. Their souls weren’t aligned since love and friendship are a part of Yakumo. While he certainly felt anger at the doctor and sadness, there was more left to him than that. Long as he doesn’t give up on those positive feelings there is no chance that his father will be able to take his body. It’s too bad that man doesn’t vanish, but it seems hard to get rid of him. He’ll just keep lingering and if he wants to wander the earth for eternity that’s his business.

Just a great move by Yakumo to use Isshin’s contacts. The plan worked perfectly since Miyuki was too excited to notice the difference in the eyes. I also really hope that she did drown. Of course really that woman isn’t human so it’s entirely possible that she survived. Though whether she did or not it’s not like she’ll be completely gone. She definitely has strong enough feelings to at least remain as a spirit like that man.

I feel bad for Isshin. Sure he only had a year to live, but he still could have used that year to spend with those he cared about. Still I guess it worked out for the best considering the situation. Yoshiko will get the chance to live and I’m sure that made him happy. Also Nao is going to be alright with Gotou and his wife. The inclusion of Nao will finally make the two of them a family. I’m sure the chief doesn’t mind him sneaking away since he spent so much time overworking that it balances out. While Nao has to be sad about her father at least she has a warm family around her. Not to mention Yakumo and Haruka will always be nearby to help support her.

A few nice moments with Haruka and Yakumo. He was pretty open with her on that roof and said some good lines. Sure there was no official confession on either side, but it’s clear they will be fine. Haruka helped change Yakumo and there is no separating them at this point. They’ll continue the word games when things are going alright and maybe Yakumo will openly take Haruka out on a date eventually. Kind of funny to see her constantly getting the nod from Gotou to just go ahead after him.

They had a nice epilogue at the end of the series. You could see everyone moving forward with their lives although you can bet they will always be intertwined. I was glad the episode included the funeral and that last conversation between Yakumo and Isshin. It was a bit different with us not being able to see him, though you could imagine his expressions. A very good way to finish off the series.

Final Words:

The series was a bit different from what I had expected. I mean I had thought we’d see a lot more mysteries and see this duo solving crimes. While in some ways that happened it really wasn’t the focus of the show. It was a series about the characters and especially Yakumo. We got to find out his past, why his mother tried to kill him, and what his father was after. From the murder attempt on Haruka to the death of Isshin, this was a series about the characters and their lives. Nothing wrong with that since I enjoyed watching the show and thinking about what might happen next.

It wasn’t the most amazing series visually, but really it didn’t need to be. It was a solid show and the style worked for it. Got to see some interesting scenes through Yakumo’s red eye. The show had a good cast of characters. A more mature series in term of age. Nao was the only young character with even Yakumo and Haruka being in university. The problems they faced were pretty serious with lives on the line. I just enjoyed seeing the characters evolve through the show. A striking one is Gotou going from a man hiding away from his home to one who lives happily with Nao and his wife. Nice when development isn’t just for the main character.

The series was interesting in that you didn’t have outright combat against ghosts. Even in the end there was no way for the cast to combat Yakumo’s father. All they could do was speak to spirits and let them make the decision to move on. The most dangerous characters in the show were people who gave in to their darkness. It showed quite often that parents will do desperate things for their children. Whether it was Yakumo’s mother trying to kill him to those men who killed for their children. Series reminds us that no matter who you are there is the need to control the dark impulses.

Overall I had a good time with this show. Some likable characters and a good conclusion really made this easy to watch. Always possible to continue on with Yakumo’s father still on the loose, although this kind of show isn’t that likely to get a sequel. Definitely a series people should at least give a chance.

3 thoughts on “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 13 [Final]”

  1. I gotta agree. I watched this show in short bursts, and I really enjoyed it. It was really different and there was some real interesting philosophical elements in it, such as the battle inside every person between their good and evil side.

    There are some unanswered questions, such as HOW Yakumo has the red eye, and if his father had them from the outset, or whether he was a spirit that possessed someone and tried to bring true despair onto Yakumo’s mother.

    I also would’ve liked a bit more development between Yakumo and Haruka, but I guess they’re the kind of couple that will take their sweet time with getting really close and honest about how they feel.

    That said, It does indeed leave stuff open for another season, and I wouldn’t mind one personally, even if its just Yakumo and Haruka solving a few cases together. Eitherway, good series, interesting, somewhat dark story. I really am sad that this will be one of the more overlooked series of 2010

  2. @Setsuken
    Yeah I did like the more philosophical elements the series had. Even Haruka had that inside of her when you remember her flashbacks in the first episode and what happened with her sister. Of course it was that experienced that turned her into the person she was during the show. Sadly also watched it in short bursts which kind of came out in the posts.

    They didn’t go too far into the how. Though I guess they just wanted us to assume it was genetic. I do think that Yakumo’s father was a real person who was alive when he kidnapped Yakumo’s mother. Maybe he was sick and planned all of this from the beginning. Kidnap a woman who is forced to have your child and then groom the situation so you can take over the body. Could branch out with different theories of course; such as that he has done this for a long time to continue a line. He needs a child to have that red eye so he continues possessing his descendants or something crazy like that. Of course think the simpler version is that this is the first time he’s tried something like this.

    Yeah it would have been nice to have more development with Yakumo and Haruka. I mean you can’t say they aren’t close after all that’s happened, but not quite an open couple. Obviously you can see how much they care, it’s just going to take a while for them to get to that more open stage. At least we got a hug at the end and a protecting speech.

    Room for a second season with Miyuki still alive, room for development in the Yakumo/Haruka relationship, and more troubles out there. If they want to there is room for it though I think it’ll be too under appreciated to get another season. If that’s all we get it was still a good show. May have to rewatch it soon just to see how the characters developed.

  3. Eh, I don’t think Miyuki was really bad. She was pressured by her grandfather to commit those atrocities, and as a frail child, what else could she do but take up Unkai’s offer?

    As for Isshin, him being him, he would have vastly preferred saving the life of someone else than living for merely another year. He’d probably be wracked with guilt about Yoshika’s death, and his last few months wouldn’t have been peaceful for that. Even if it wasn’t just Yoshika, knowing he’d have so short to live, and knowing many other people have a chance to live if he didn’t, what do you think he would’ve done?

    Also, the detective part of this show still stands true – it is a detective show, after all. They’re finding out what the hell is with that weird guy with sunglasses and why he wants to kill everyone around Yakumo :P Honestly, a series with a big mystery beats series with many little mysteries any day.

    Finally, the how, or the why, doesn’t matter at all here. We’re starting from the assumption that Yakumo can see ghosts. That’s far-fetched enough. Why care about anything else, now that we’ve had those statements?

    All in all, I agree with you on most other points, though giving this series merely a chance may not be a good idea. For something as fluid like this, it’s either all, or nothing.

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