Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 12

Yakumo reveals Isshin’s attacker and Miyuki escapes from custody.


Well plenty of aftermath in this episode and setting things up for a busy conclusion. We’re moving into the last conflict with Yakumo’s father and Isshin being in that condition just adds more tension to the whole thing. While you assume some things are going to work out it’s hard to say when it comes to some of the side characters.

Had to chuckle with all the reactions at Yakumo’s father being revealed as a spirit. I mean it seemed like they had mostly accepted that theory or at least made it obvious to the viewers. It just makes the man all the more dangerous because he can’t be physically stopped. You could argue that he can’t do anything alone, but it’s easy to manipulate some people. Also long as Miyuki is working with him then the man has a powerful weapon. That woman is deadly and probably should be in extreme restraints 24/7.

The doctor just showed how some people can be encouraged into taking dark actions. Finally his link to Yoshiko is revealed. I was trying to figure it out and being her father made sense. The name threw me off, but being divorced explained that. Certainly some people can do crazy things for their children. Though I’d ask him if it’s any more fair for a young girl like Nao to have her father taken away. A year might not mean so much in the big picture, but for a child that young it’s a precious amount of time.

I wonder how things will turn out with Isshin. I don’t think he would regret helping a young girl like that live even though he’d feel bad for Nao. But for whatever reason his spirit still hasn’t left his body so it might be possible for him to recover though that would then leave the girl still looking. Maybe Isshin is just waiting for events to be resolved before leaving his body. Either way I can’t see Yakumo agreeing to cut life support until he sees his uncle’s spirit leaving the body.

The living ghost idea was what I was expecting. It seemed fairly obvious to be Yoshiko last episode. Of course no surprise that her spirit was worried about Isshin and checked in on him. You do hope that things work out for Yoshiko since she is a good kid and not responsible for her father doing something like that.

A pretty good fight from Yakumo. He was in pretty serious danger with the scalpel swinging around. Not a surprise he fought considering this was the man who attacked his uncle. It was nice to also get that flashback and see the kind of guy Yakumo was before. Certainly he’s changed thanks to Haruka and just shows how Gotou has been part of his life for a long time.

With the Miyuki attack at the end things are obviously getting pretty crazy. Hard to imagine she’s going to completely miss her shot. Could see Gotou taking one for the kids after that “protect Nao” speech, but hard to say. Should be an exciting finale.

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