Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls – Final Impressions

You are not viewing this incorrectly. The last third of the episode was pretty much entirely black and white. Mostly for effect I guess, but at times it did just look like they were being a bit lazy with it. Still the last part of this series wasn’t lacking in action, though did hit the cliche of the “power of friendship” a lot.


The series was mostly a silly harem situation until the last few episodes. For most of the series was just playing around, powering a few characters up, and embarrassing Muneakira. He did step up near the end and at the beginning, but Muneakira really was a classic harem lead for most of the series. The guy was easily embarrassed and whenever things started to relate to physical things he really freaked out. To be fair some of the girls especially Gisen were getting into some crazy situations. Still by the end Muneakira was at least standing strong when it came to tactics and fighting which is his strength. I’m really not sure whether I like or dislike Muneakira. He’s a good guy with strong beliefs, but when it comes to girls he is kind of annoying.

The last few episodes were at least good for action. You had a lot of special techniques getting thrown around, huge over the top battles, and of course clothes getting blown away. Though I’m sure people watching for fanservice were a bit disappointed with the blot effects that constantly showed up even during non-fanservice moments. There was plenty girl vs girl battles and of course fights against tentacles. Since we know that you can’t have all these cute girls fighting and not have tentacles.

The end was certainly not what I expected. I really didn’t think Jubei was going to sacrifice herself to save everyone. To be fair I didn’t expect that only Sen and Yukimura were going to be made Master Samurai. Hattori, Matabei, and Kanetsugu all remained normal to the very end. Though in Kanetsugu’s case she was really just regulated to comedy, though she had a few strong moments. A lot of things really were left unresolved. The main evil vanished, though he probably won’t return for centuries. Yoshihiko has an army of artificial samurai and we don’t know their fate. He might try to let them lead normal lives after all that’s happened, but it won’t change that he kidnapped and used painful experiments on his people. I’m not sure about a guy like that leading the country even with his cliche realization of what is important.

Final Words:

Really this series was what many expected. It was full of fanservice and action. It was really heavy on cliches. Justice and the power of friendship was really heavy at the end. I mean the final battle was Gisen using hate vs Jubei using friendship. They even had a scene with all the characters appearing in a kind of spiritual representation to shield Jubei. Nothing wrong with friendship, but it was just really thrown out there.

I kind of expected more at least from Muneakira. He stepped up in the end, but it didn’t feel like his character grew that much. Sure he broke the chains, but he was a guy who was smart in a crisis and when it came to battles. At least I never really got a feeling if he had any strong feelings for Yukimura or Sen. I mean sure he cared about them, but romantically I don’t think his feelings were close to theirs. Most of the time when it came to relationships he panicked and really just fell apart. No wonder he was messed around with by Gisen with that kind of mindset. He’s definitely qualified as a general to lead, but just not reliable outside of battles.

The girls were certainly cute with some funny personalities. It was nice when Sen finally was more open about her feelings. It was a bit trying to see her get on everyone when it came to Muneakira, but then get silent about her feelings. Both she and Yukimura actually had some decent growth when it came to expressing themselves. Though of course both still had degrees of shyness, but nothing wrong there. I really felt bad for Kanetsugu since she was constantly bullied, knocked out, and Yukimura was mean to her as a kid. I mean sure she is naive and loud, but she wasn’t that bad.

Overall when you consider the kind of show this is, it wasn’t that bad. Still I kind of had high hopes that it could have good action and not be all about fanservice. Plus honestly the style choice to throw blots all over the screen wasn’t my favourite thing. It was just distracting during some fights. I’ll probably forget about it now that it’s over, but watching it was an alright way to pass the time.

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