Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu – Final Impressions

Just wow this series just continued to get more incredible as time went on. In some ways that is referring more to the insane situations that the characters continued to get into. I thought from the first few episodes that this would turn out to be a pretty big show in terms of action and it definitely delivered there. By the end the whole world is gearing for war and the characters all have their role to play.


I had no idea that Sion was carrying that much inside of him. It was obvious at how stressed he was and overworked. Still seeing that he was carrying the spirit of that Dark Hero inside of him just makes you realize how incredible the burden on him was. Caught between doing what is right in the big picture and his own morality is just tearing him up. I can’t blame him for just letting the other side just take control since he’s just been stressed to the limit. It got to the point where he had to decide between killing Ryner or waiting until that hero got to the point where he was going to sacrifice Ryner. I can’t even imagine how he kept himself from just jumping off a cliff or something.

Right at the end Kiefer got sniped in the rescue department by Ferris. Hopefully she got away alright from the guards. It’s rough since it’s almost guaranteed that eventually Ferris and Ryner will end up as a couple. Ferris’s feelings are growing and it’s just bound to happen. Which is too bad since I like Kiefer and she’ll either be alone or fall back to what is left of that king who is constantly destroying his body as he fights. Well just by bias there so no big deal for the larger picture.

So much leaves you wondering with this series. Just what the heck is Ryner’s father? Obviously his identity was revealed in the political sense, but the guy is just too damn powerful. Not to mention he stabs his son in the heart and leaves him with that weird mark. Plus you have his mother inside of him in spirit form. That’s just a whole level of weird no one should ever have to deal with. If Ryner didn’t have enough to talk to a therapist about, let’s throw in having his mother’s spirit living inside him. Seems she’s being used to protect him, but only until the right moment. Just how did Ryner end up with this “Solver of All Equations” inside of him in the first place? So much I just don’t quite get.

Ryner has just had a completely crazy time in the series. He’s lived through disaster and suffering beyond belief. Then he has his friend trying to kill him and using human experiments to do it. The times his alpha stigma went berserk has also left scares on his mind. Being treated as a monster and being close to the point of just wanting to die. Of course then you have him being the center of a semi-harem situation. The relationship with Sion you can joke about if you wanted to. But have Ferris who is either in love or just about there, Kiefer who has gone through dangerous situations for Ryner, and Milk who is also in love with him. It’s the guys who are just suffering beyond belief that seem to get the girls. I really wonder what his future is with the world gearing up for war. Seems safe to say he’s going to look deeper into the history of the hero and try to save Sion. But the road isn’t so clear on how he’s going to do it.

I’ll just say that Lucille really is a monster. I don’t know if he just has the “Weaver of All Equations” inside of him or is actually the representation of him. But that guy is just scary with what he is capable of. It’s actually a bit weird if you consider him and Ryner two halves of the original Lonely Demon. Since one is the brother of Ferris and the other is a possible love interest. Just strange stuff with this show.

In terms of the world situation I don’t think you can say anyone is pure either way. Gastark’s King may have a good goal in mind, but he has to destroy and kill so much for it. Sacrificing his own body along the way while lives are torn up. He has subordinates who are bloody, hateful, and willing to do horrible things for their goals. You can see some positives in some of them, but especially the treatment of Alpha Stigma users is pretty ugly. Of course can hardly say Roland and Sion are the good guys. Roland has shown some horrible qualities. Terrible nobility, slavery, using orphans as weapons, human experimentation, and pretty harsh punishments for crimes. Sion has done some good, but he also started human experimentation. The nobility side has been somewhat changed, but some good nobles have been assassinated so it’s pretty messy. Both countries are aiming for a greater good, but the realities are harsh and ugly.

One could talk forever about what has happened in this series. You have the early episode disasters that seemed bad, but were only a prelude to further massacres. Noa’s relationship with Claugh was pretty prominent as a positive thing in the series. But that also ties into his hatred of Tiia who if anything really is a monster. Sure he cares about those kids, but only because they have those special eyes. He sees humans as lesser beings and has no issue with killing them. The guy killed his own mother from the inside, that’s just horrifying on so many levels. Sorry for what might happen to the kids, but I would not mind that guy dying at some point in the future.

There were just so many characters in this series. You have Eslina who is the sister of Fiole who died earlier and is apparently a love interest of Calne, who is a subordinate of Sion. There are just ties that interweave the characters in the series. It might be tough at times to keep track of them all, but does make the series a bit more interesting.

Final Words:

This series has been quite the ride. I can say that it didn’t disappoint me in the kind of show it was. Instead it actually impressed me that it went darker and had more depth in it. It wasn’t just Ryner and Ferris going around gathering up relics. Actually they acquired very little in that respect. Instead it was about the politics of the world, cursed eyes, spirits of ancient beings, and a lot of death.

I will have to rewatch it at some point to really absorb everything that happened. Still the ending really did leave things open to a sequel. I know about the situation with the novels and have to say this whole series really is just a prelude to a much bigger story. Over these 24 episodes the world has been set up and I certainly hope we see more of it later on. Though if there is a sequel they really need a huge episode count so everything can be told properly.

One thought on “Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu – Final Impressions”

  1. this certainly was one of the better shows coming out in the summer 2010 season and i was so glad to have reviewed it all. Though i was sad that not a lotta folks were liking it :( made me a sad panda.

    I saw the Sion thing coming miles away. It was bound to happen given how idealistic his perspective was. The way he wanted things and the way things actually happen were just so different that on the morality scale, he was bound to crack. Though i never expected that he would make a deal with the devil (contract with Lucile) in order to make things ‘right’. THAT was a red herring to me. A good one too~

    I think they did a damn good job doing this prologue to the entire series. But now I’m gonna sit and hope that they also animate the next “Dai densetsu no yuusha no densetsu” (i hope i got that title right…) light novels which further the story. I WANT TO KNOW MORE DAMMIT.

    Bout Ryner’s mother, if I remember this correctly (and i was told this by a dear soul who posted this on my own reviews of the series) Ryner’s mother was actually sacrificed to the Alpha for the contract. …. … so wait yeah, ryner’s got his mom hidden away inside of him along with a bad ass mofo of a monster-thingie XD

    What I wanna know is HOW THE HELL did LUCILE wind up being the Weaver of all Equations. That was supposed to be in the Black Hero right? Unless Lucile was the original Black Hero and he somehow (using contracts?) transferred that part into the contractee and therefore left himself with just the Weaver part? IDK *tears hair out*

    I think one of the best parts of this show is that…no one is the good guy, no one is the bad guy – not in absolute terms. Everyone’s hands are stained with blood. Its kinda like that saying innit? “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” :\ JUST when you think “yeah Roland is the good guys!” they go and pull something that makes you say “no no Gastark is in the right!” Its like Battlestar Galactica ALLLLL over again XD The cylons are right! no the humans the right! no, cylons! no, humans! FRAAAAAAAAK

    nice sum up of the series :D I do hope that more people watch this show because this is a show that is worth watching *nods firmly* its different, its got great depth and the mythology of it is just spell binding. . . . pun kind of intended XD

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