Amagami SS – 22

Ayatsuji shows Junichi her secret.


I have to say I am quite impressed with this arc from this episode. I was absolutely stunned at the end of the last episode and I still couldn’t really believe what was going on here. It was unexpected to see her acting so different. However while I was first very shocked to see her character like this I did think that she’s not actually as bad or evil as it may come across. She does have this side to her which isn’t super nice perky and perfect, but the other side is simply one that isn’t like that. She’s still more or less a good person which is great to see.

I’m still very curious as to what the hell the notebook is or has written in it. Obviously it’s effectively even more serious than just the fact that Ayatsuji has this other side to her. She kind of freely admitted that to Junichi but then still needed to keep the notebook a secret. So while it may have something to do with her having this other side, it’s not all there is to it. It seemed like it would be something quite serious if it would cause her to have to change schools. Then of course there is still the issue of her sister they have yet to deal with. Although it could just be part of her non-nice personality she really doesn’t seem to like her sister or she feels animosity towards her. There’s also of course the issue of her not wanting to go home which could have to do with her sister or other family issues but the whole sister/family thing is another thing they still have to deal with.

Overall this arc has already shown so many things that put it ahead of others in terms of being different and interesting. I still think it may be hard to show a romantic development between a character who is as….mean as Ayatsuji, but it will be interesting to see.

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