Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 11

Isshin is attacked and Gotou takes up caring for Nao.


Well I suspect that the girl is somehow letting her spirit out. Asking patients how long they had to compare with her own time that was so limited. Probably unconsciously and her spirit was reacting to her emotions. Before talking to Isshin she was depressed and secretly desperate for that transplant to save her life. After talking to him she could be more honest with herself and feel sorry for causing others trouble through her panic. Yakumo did say the spirit was different than any he had seen before. Maybe it’s related to the girl being close to death or a special ability that she has. When you have people with red eyes that can see ghosts, I really can’t be that surprised by anything.

Gotou is more handy with kids than I thought; Keeps Nao from breaking up after the attack until Isshin goes into the hospital. Soon as he gives the ok then Nao starts to cry. I thought Nao might be with Yakumo being a relative, but think Gotou is actually a good move if necessary. The guy is pretty good with kids and considering the situation with his wife, it could help him move forward. Obviously Nao would prefer her father, but at least it would be a good option to go with.

How surprising that the doctor that we saw talking with Yakumo’s father was the one in the operation room. I’m so sure he tried really hard to save Isshin’s life. I still think he’s the one who stabbed Isshin. Could have done it and left the scene with enough time to get the page about a patient. I still can’t figure out why he would be involved, but guess we can wait and see there. Anyways I’m not sure how true Isshin’s condition is with that guy in the hospital.

This whole thing has to really be hard on Yakumo. He sees the family photos, then hears about Isshin not having long to live, and now Isshin has been attacked. There is just so much stuff being thrown at the guy all at once. It’s a good thing Haruka is there for him. I agree with Isshin that Yakumo isn’t going to fall into the darkness. In the past might have been possible, but Yakumo has a lot of people around him. He’ll probably bear some pain alone, but with the proper support he’s not going to lose himself.

Still Miyuki being sent to the hospital is a bad thing. I didn’t expect Yakumo’s father to use possession to help get her out of prison. She’ll be in prime position to finish off Isshin and attack Haruka if it comes to that. Nothing is going to be settled while that spirit is continuing to haunt Yakumo.

The series really is going to end with some good episodes. Hopefully everything works out alright, though it’s going to be dangerous for the characters.

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