Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 10

Isshin gets bad news from the hospital and Haruka’s mother sends a present.


I have to say that Yakumo’s father being a spirit was something I hadn’t considered. Somewhat funny since I did mention how he never seemed to age even during the flashbacks. So I guess he must have died at some point after Yakumo’s mother escaped his clutches. Though could have been a spirit when pushing her towards attacking Yakumo. Now it makes sense why he was having Miyuki doing all the work. She attacked her family and everyone else in the series. Now it makes sense why he took an interest in her in the first place. He needed someone to take physical action for him in situations when just words wouldn’t suffice. Of course have to wonder how they can stop him if that is the case. So far the only way to deal with spirits is talking to them and I don’t think that will work with Yakumo’s father.

Isshin is having a really bad time lately. Finding out you have little time to live is a horrible thing, but now he’s got someone out to murder him. Sure he’s only got a year or so left, but especially for Nao that’s a very precious amount of time. Instead have Yakumo’s father on a mission to cause Yakumo more suffering by having Isshin killed early. I can only imagine he’s working with that doctor on this. Maybe that guy is connected to Yoshiko in some way. I could see Isshin being a match to the transplant that Yoshiko needs and being willing to kill Isshin. Guess the only question is what kind of connection could he have with her? Regardless action has to be taken or Isshin isn’t going to make it.

Glad that Isshin at least told Yakumo the truth. I’m not sure it’s going to help Nao much to suddenly be told that he’s about to die in a year or so. Guess Yakumo better start working on the Haruka relationship front. As is can only see them as being a place for Nao to go once the inevitable happens. Wonder if Haruka is going to find out any time soon? Sure she’s not a blood relative, but she’s gotten close to the family and will be hurt by Isshin’s passing whenever it happens.

That was a nice present from Haruka’s mother. The collection of pictures really does show how precious Yakumo was to Azusa. But wow young Yakumo had huge eyes. Considering one of them was bright red I’m not surprised Azusa kept inside for so long. Slowly the pictures started to show how much Azusa cared and the final family picture really was nice. I’m sure that present meant a great deal to Yakumo. His memories had to be tainted a bit by his mother trying to kill him. The snapshots of the happy times should help remind him of how much love was there. The picture of Haruka’s family was nice to look at. It’s been a while, but can remember Ayaka and the events of the first episode.

It is somewhat amazing that I can go through this almost without mentioning the ghost situation. I have to think it ties together with what is happening. Though I guess when it comes to Isshin being in danger, people getting freaked out by a ghost is a minor thing.

I didn’t expect something this serious to happen in the last few episodes. Seems this series will keep going strong to the very end.

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  1. Aha! I have to agree. The Whole idea of Yakumo’s father being a spirit raises some questions though.

    I mean… its heavily implied that Yakumo’s dad impregnated his mom when he kidnapped her… but how could he have done that if he was a spirit?

    Or maybe he died after he committed the deed and then decided to wreck havok on the lives of his son and victim.

    I think its interesting that the gears have shifted. Now that Haruka is out of danger, its Isshin’s turn to be brought under fire.

    I have to agree, the whole revelation with Isshin was what took up the bulk of the episode’s importance.

  2. @Setsuken
    I think the only explanation is that Yakumo’s father died sometime after kidnapping Yakumo’s mother. Obviously he had to have raped her for her to be pregnant with his kid. The real question is when he died. Takeda said himself that Yakumo’s father killed him, so can assume he was alive at that point. But he has manipulated others into action so could have had someone else do it if Takeda didn’t see how he died. Guess we’ll find out if how he died has any importance to the story.

    Things have definitely moved around in the series. Haruka has been in danger most of the series, but this time she isn’t the direct target. Though there is little that anyone can do about Isshin’s health.

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