To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Remnants Arc

Both Kuroko and Accelerator play keys roles in resolving a crisis that connect to the Sisters Arc.


The Sister’s arc while only showing how things finally ended was a pretty horrible affair. 10,000 clones killed because people wanted to see a level 6. Just seems ridiculous though I suppose horrifying should be the response to people being willing to let such an experiment happen. This was an important arc to show both how some people can’t let things die and the current status of Accelerator after that incident last season.

Well overall Accelerator seems to be doing alright. I mean the reality is that he isn’t the same as he used to be. The brain damage forcing him to use the sisters to help replace his calculation ability. The scary thing is that they can’t even completely replace it. That guy’s brain was just insane when you think about it. The battery limit on his fighting as well is a serious issue if he is up against someone that he can’t settle things quickly with. Still even with all that against him the guy is still a monster. He just settled that fight in no time at all. The flying and insane punches just shows that you can’t underestimate him. He’d need to be in much worse shape than that to be defeated by someone of that girl’s level.

A rough arc for Kuroko. She took a lot of damage here especially in that teleporter vs teleporter battle. True her ability has somewhat of a disadvantage requiring touch to teleport things. Still she has great control and lacked the fear to teleport herself around. While the other girl had a somewhat better ability it was the difference between the people that mattered. It was a tough arc, but it showed just how much Kuroko cared about Mikoto. Had to be hard to realize that Mikoto had been carrying such heavy burdens. I’m sure she was probably a bit hurt that she wasn’t told anything. It’ll take a while to get her patched up, but I’m sure she’ll be back to teleporting into Mikoto’s shower in no time…

Touma really was limited in this arc which wasn’t a bad thing really. This wasn’t really about him even though he was key to settling the Sister’s Arc. Of course can also thank Index’s berserk mode for destroying the satellite that made it possible to end the project. But this really was more about Mikoto, Kuroko, the Sisters, and Accelerator. Talk about a rough time though for Accelerator hanging around with Last Order constantly. Though in his own way he is still fond of her.

Mikoto really was once again trying to take things on by herself. I guess she felt this was an issue she could handle and didn’t need to drag others like Touma into it. Though probably also her habit to go solo when things get personal. Oddly it was Kuroko and Accelerator who took the fighting spotlight, though she and Touma were key to saving Kuroko from getting killed off. Think the focus on Mikoto was more about her emotions and about those around her.

There isn’t too much to say about the villain this time around. The girl was pretty messed up and reading up on her teleporting incident it was pretty horrifying. I can’t exactly blame her for being afraid of her abilities. Best for people to check it out on their own, but it was pretty ugly. Still doesn’t excuse her trying to restore that system and allow it to be possible for the experiments to resume. She should be focusing more inwards in trying to come to terms with her powers. Sure it’s true she doesn’t like having them, but they aren’t going to vanish based on will. Best thing to do is just control them well and never make the same mistake again. Somewhat reminds you though that Academic City isn’t just for those seeking abilities, but for the sake of those who have abilities that could hurt themselves and others if they can’t control them.

A very short arc, but I still enjoyed it. Too bad they couldn’t have fit in some extra dialogue, but it was quick and entertaining. Also it was another arc in which a girl gets hit in the face. Though a punch from Touma is probably far better than Accelerator considering he smashed that case with one shot.

2 thoughts on “To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Remnants Arc”

  1. LOL I think in Index, everything is always solved with a punch to the face. It’s becoming a running gag in the series. If someone doesn’t get punched, it would be weird. XD

    This is one of the arcs which I really like. Kuroko was always getting a lot of rat and hate for her perverted tendencies but I’m glad to see that her endeavors here somewhat managed to change people’s opinions of her even if it’s just a little. I really love that serious business side of her. When the situation calls for it, she would fight tooth and nail to solve the problem and couldn’t even care less whether she would get injured or killed in the process. All she cared about was lifting the burden off Mikoto’s shoulders and seeing her smile again. As for Awaki, she isn’t all that bad a person. She just needs to get over her trauma and as Kuroko said, learn to control and know that she can use her powers to help and fight for others but that will be a story for another day.

  2. @Keiri
    Haha I have to agree that if things aren’t settled with a punch to the face it isn’t Index. Doesn’t matter who is throwing the punch long as it’s being thrown by someone.

    I have to agree that Kuroko takes a lot of hate. I’ll admit that her going overboard on her obsession with Mikoto is something I’m not a fan of. Think she gets carried away and like her the most when she is serious like this. Definitely when she is putting herself into a situation like this is when she shines the most. Doesn’t matter how badly she was already injured. When it comes to it Kuroko will step up and try to settle affairs.

    I’ll say that Awaki is hardly the worst person we’ve seen in the series. Though I wouldn’t say she was a good person either. Was willing to hurt people just for her goals. She even shot Kuroko and was willing to drop that building on her. Not to mention the possible consequences of her goal. Think she has a long road ahead of her. If she can get over her trauma and really think about what she has been doing could still turn out alright. Of course will have plenty of time considering she’ll likely be locked up due to her crimes.

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