Amagami SS – 20 [Rihoko Arc End]

Rihoko tries to find new members for the Tea club in preparation for the existing third-years graduation.


Well…that kind of sucked. I was quite disappointed with the way this arc turned out. Nothing happened at all except the guy joined the damn club. I was apprehensive at first for this arc because Rihoko seemed like a kind of random character that didn’t have a lot of content they could use her for, however that changed and I really liked her, so I then had high hopes only for nothing to happen. It doesn’t even have to be to a large extent like some of the others were like showing him and Haruka married or getting as close as he did with the others like Ai, but something, a kiss, confession, whatever. This was just bad; it defeats the whole point of having just four fast paced episodes if nothing happens.

Still, although progress wise this arc didn’t have very good content or follow through, I was still impressed by Rihoko herself. The little montage in this episode showing her working hard was great. Especially for a character that is usually portrayed as lazy and clumsy, to see her earnestly working like that was great and showed that not only ten but kind of throughout the arc she was working hard despite her clumsiness.

2 thoughts on “Amagami SS – 20 [Rihoko Arc End]”

  1. Even though Rihoko didn’t get the happy ending that she clearly deserves, I think this “victory in progress” ending actually makes her stand out even more, at least for me. Whereas the memory of the other heroines and how they achieve their happy end will ultimately fades with time, Rihoko’s story will linger on as she is still working toward her ultimate goal of winning Junichi’s heart.

    I know its a strange way of looking at this, but as a fan, I happen to find myself cheering the heroine/hero on until they achieve their goal/dream.

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