Amagami SS – 19

Junichi and Rihoko spend new years’ together.


The main thing that I kept thinking of when watching this episode was just how slowly things are moving. I mean, they’ve done a great job with the characters, showing off their characteristics and personality, but as far as relationship progress in this arc, its…well, non-existent. The only thing that has really been done here is that we’ve shown that Rihoko realizes herself she likes Junichi which isn’t rally that big either because she seemed to kind of know that already sine she was a kid. Junichi on the other hand has done nothing other than get close to joining the damn tea club, the two of them haven’t even been on any kind of date or pseudo date that would get them closer together, and they are pretty much where they were at the beginning. The only thing I can think of to happen now would simply be a straight out confession from Rihoko at the end and Junichi just kind of going along with it.

However, despite things moving fairly slowly I have to say that I’ve really come to like Rihoko as a character a hell of a lot more than I thought I would, and did at the beginning. Previously I wasn’t too sure about her. She seemed like a kind of iffy character, one where she might be fun and quirky to watch but wouldn’t have a lot of real interest I her story or character. However she has certainly changed from my first impression. She seems just like an innocent, but honest and true to herself character. She’s not this idealistic perfect person and doesn’t have these perfect qualities to her, but that’s quite normal. Still, in everything she’s doing she seems to try hard at it, realizing her feelings and just going forward, always standing strong and just being true to herself. Although she came off as just random and quirky at the beginning, she certainly has changed.

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