Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 09

Yakumo is rescued and the truth is completely exposed regarding his mother.


I have to say this really felt more like a series conclusion than the ninth episode of a series. So much was revealed and concluded in this that you could almost be satisfied with the show ending. Of course still some ground to be made with Yakumo and Haruka so glad to have the series continuing for a few more episodes.

This really was a great episode to watch. While a lot of it was hinted or outright explained, it was still nice to get some answers about what happened. Yakumo’s ‘father’ really is a horrible human being who should be shot or dropped into a vat of acid. Seriously there are just people who shouldn’t exist and he is one of them. Not content with just kidnapping and raping Yakumo’s mother the guy spends his life making sure that she never finds happiness. He frames Takeda for the Nanase murders to really shake her. I can’t blame her for being scared for Yakumo since it’s not a stretch to think the child of a monster has the potential to be a monster. Really she just wasn’t in a great state of mind when she tried to kill Yakumo. I’m glad that at least in the afterlife she will find peace with Takeda.

Yakumo finally gets reconciliation with his mother after all this time. He finds out the truth about why his mother acted and what he lost. Truly he had the chance for a great family, but that guy just stole everything. Still have to respect Yakumo for not breaking and standing strong against despair. Certainly having Haruka beside him has helped Yakumo out immensely in that regard. Yakumo had a lot of complicated feelings for his mother, but in the end he could understand her better. She was just a human who couldn’t take all the pain and sorrow.

As expected Nanase Miyuki was the girl from the previous episode and was urged by Yakumo’s father to take action. Though I have to say I’m surprised that she actually was the one who killed her entire family. While it’s shocking to think a kid could pull that off, it’s not impossible. I mean surprise alone was a powerful force on her side. Who could imagine a small girl like her just coming at them with a knife and the intent to kill? If she ambushed some of them it would be even easier. No shock that she has been owning characters as an adult with that kind of past. The perfect partner for Yakumo’s father since they are both completely insane. I can understand her horrible past, but it doesn’t excuse what she has become. Just a sad thing to have such a screwed up family. The ‘father’ of that family making a secret room so he could probably rape her….Anyone would be messed up after that.

I did like the moment when Haruka found Yakumo. The music was used well and it was a pretty emotional scene with her thinking he was dead and getting really upset. I can’t believe she slaps him when he was unconscious though. Haha, I mean he’s clearly been tortured and then gets slapped by Haruka. Of course he was fine and her feelings got through a bit more to him with that outburst. They’ve definitely gotten closer and that helped him understand the feelings between Takeda and his mother.

Haruka’s mother is a fairly cool person herself. The family resemblance was pretty strong there. She had a lot of faith in Haruka letting her go alone though I suppose either she or Gotou called the local police for some help. Had to be tough on her realizing that both Azusa and Takeda had been dead for so long. Losing touch with her friend had to be a hard thing, but then having that news reach her couldn’t have been easy.

Just a great episode. Ishii came through when it counted which was nice after his weak actions earlier. Gotou even went home for once to spend time with his wife. Hopefully getting kidnapped and nearly starving reminded him about what really matters. I’m curious what will happen now. True Miyuki and Yakumo’s father are still out there, but I still think the biggest things will be about Yakumo and Haruka’s relationship.

2 thoughts on “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 09”

  1. Finally caught up!

    I agree with what you say, in many ways I felt like this was like a conclusion to the series. I’m surprised we have about 3 more episodes to go.

    I really do think you should post the review for the next episode up (or review it XD) because as has been demonstrated, there’s some really interesting things covered in that that merit some talking about.

    I think its important that Yakumo is pretty strong, and despite what happened to him, his potential parents and what not, he was able to stay strong and not succumb to the darkness.

    All in all, this was definitely a solid episode, but I also agree that the characters need to be fleshed out a bit, and some plot points handled before this series ends.

  2. @Setsuken
    Well did take up the idea of catching up and getting the next episode out. Luckily now I’m right in there with the only thing left being the un-aired last episode :).

    It’s kind of amazing how much Yakumo was able to handle alone. His mother trying to kill him and being gone for most of his life left him with little support. Easily without his Uncle I don’t think he could have made it. Haruka as well came at the right time to give the necessary support. But without his own internal strength it wouldn’t have mattered.

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