Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 08

Haruka finds out more about Yakumo’s past and a secret involving her mother.


God Ishii really had me annoyed early in this episode. Leave it up to the police? You are the police you idiot! In Haruka’s position I might have just slugged the guy. Coming there and being silent the whole time just to speak up and say that. I can get Ishii’s past with a dad like that was rough, but he’s got to step up at some point. Makata is a pretty impressive person getting through to a guy like him. Glad he pulled it together and by the end was taking action to try and save Gotou and Yakumo.

I shouldn’t be surprised that Yakumo would do something extreme like try to stab his red eye. He did try to throw away his mother’s pendant when he was lied to earlier in the series. Still glad his uncle managed to stop him in time.

Wow talk about connections being all over the place. Yakumo and Haruka kind of meeting before they were born and the bond between their mothers. Kind of crazy, but for a story like this it’s not a terrible twist to throw in. A lot of things made more clear in this episode. There wasn’t any kind of romantic bond between Yakumo’s mother and father. The guy simply captured her, raped her, and got a child out of it. If Yakumo didn’t have enough on his mind, he gets to find out about this kind of past. Even more of a twist was the suspect in the Nanase case was the fiance to Yakumo’s mother. This episode was just crazy for the stuff they threw at us.

Seems that Yakumo has had a pretty rough time since being captured. All the more reason to hurry up and find him. Obviously it’s not going to be an easy thing to rescue him, but that’s hardly going to stop Haruka from trying. Definitely the stubborn type that will endure no matter what difficulties are put before her.

The ending was a good one as well with Takeda coming to Haruka’s rescue. Using his presence to get the police moving was a pretty clever move. Still a lot of questions hanging, but I must say this was one of the better episodes in the series.

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