Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 07

A new case leads Yakumo and Gotou on separate paths to danger.


The series once again jumps into a serious place with how events unfolded here. I really didn’t expect Gotou to get captured like that. Well I suppose Haruka had her turn so it wouldn’t be fair for any of the other characters to feel left out. Feel bad for the guy having such a crappy partner. It really is like going it alone with that guy. Gotou did his best, but really he was ambushed.

Yakumo was also going it alone this time around. It seems like every time one of the characters tries this kind of thing they get into serious trouble. Yakumo also got caught by that woman who proves that a stun gun really can turn the tables no matter who you are against. Feel bad for Haruka who tried to hunt him down, but really was in a tough spot there.

On a lighter note did like the invitation Haruka gave to Yakumo. Of course the guy couldn’t say he’d go, would just have to be really dishonest about it. Still the message got through. I was pleasantly surprised at how Yakumo did call saying he probably wouldn’t be able to make it. They are moving in a nice direction though still plenty of distance to go before they are really together as a couple.

Get some background on the woman who has been with Yakumo’s father. Just speculation, but if that was her as the little girl at the start she’s really been with that guy for a while. Plus does he just not age? Sure adults in anime can have various aging, but hard to believe that guy is human if he was involved in that case all those years ago and looks exactly the same.

Plenty of questions, but the biggest one right now is how Yakumo and Gotou will be rescued.

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