To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Orsola Arc

Touma once again gets caught up in magician trouble and has to do some rescuing.


Well late, but still here to give my thoughts on this arc. Really it was one that showed how political everything in the magician world is. A world tied together with magic and religion into a very strange, but also dangerous place. I can’t blame Touma for just following his gut and seeing where things would lead from there. I’d have trouble keeping up with all the factions at work as well.

I have to say the Anglican Church can be pretty damn sneaky. Though I suppose that comment is more reserved for Laura Stuart, the Archbishop. That girl used everyone for her own ends and things. The whole thing wasn’t about Orsola at all, but instead about binding Kanzaki closer to the Anglican Church. Sure if Orsola’s cipher had been real it would have been a bigger deal, but she even suspected that it was flawed. Might have had some more motivations involved in it, but seems her principle one was to bind Kanzaki by keeping her former subordinates under the protection of the Anglican Church.

Of course for the other characters the situation around Orsola would be more important. That woman went through a lot of pain thanks to the Roman Catholic Church. Got ‘rescued’ by Touma and the Roman Catholics and then hilariously enough had to be rescued from her own church. Amazing that they would be willing to kill one of their own on the possibility that she could decipher a book that could destroy their position.

Touma really can’t read the mood. No one was going to be willing to just walk away. Besides his excuse for leaving Index alone was so weak that anyone could see through it. The fact that they did nothing said plenty about their intentions. Still he had a pretty good fight against Agnese. That girl had a pretty dangerous weapon. Hard to predict and if you guess wrong it’s a painful injury awaiting you. Really if it was just her against Touma probably could have pulled out a win though taking some injuries. Makes sense that after having a terrible past would do anything to keep her position within the Church.

I have to say this arc reminds me that people who believe in something strongly can be very dangerous. Those girls in the Roman Catholic Church believed so much that without hesitation they stabbed their ears to deafen themselves. Deaf for the rest of their lives so Index’s ability wouldn’t stop them from attacking. That’s just insane and scary. Good thing they got shaken up at the end or they probably could have won.

I’m still amazed at how a series about magic and science has an army of mages wielding bladed weapons. I mean they are magicians, where is the magic? Only saw a few spells being used, mostly it was just an army of girls with weapons going at each other. There were some guys yeah, but really it was something odd to watch.

In the end things worked out alright. Orsola is safe and the same can be said for the rest of the main cast. Just think that when Laura gets involved again it’ll mean trouble.

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  1. The whole lie and deception ruse by the Roman Catholics was pretty clever. Everyone was duped into cooperating with them. Everyone except for Laura who knew the entire truth from the beginning and yet chose to involve her men anyway in order to keep her shackles on Kaori. Gotta say she’s smart and daring enough to take some huge risks there because she knew the Anglican church would start off antagonizing the Amakusas first before everything fell into place and eventually, her church ended up working together with them. It’s also great that Orsola was taken in by the Anglicans because her own church mostly consist of nut jobs who wanted her dead at all cost. Nothing is more dangerous than having an enemy within.

    Quite an okay arc when you take the story into account, although I did find the pacing all over the place. They blitzed through the set up episodes and decided to stretch the latter half of the story to make room for all the fights I suppose.

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