Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 06

Haruka brings another case to Yakumo and Gotou visits his home.


This really was an episode to help continue developing the relationship between Yakumo and Haruka. The supernatural part really was secondary to that. It was an interesting chat that Haruka had with her friends about Yakumo. The girl really is trying to figure out her feelings and where they are standing right now. Of course Yakumo doesn’t really help with figuring that kind of stuff out.

Maybe one of the most fun parts of the episode was Haruka figuring out Yakumo’s weak spot. I had to laugh when her poke got such an extreme reaction a couple times. She shouldn’t abuse it too much and just save it for when she needs to have some fun or he’s being really tough to deal with.

Ishii just needs to get over it. He’s not ending up with Haruka so getting his hopes up is silly. Would be far more interesting to end up with the reporter after that traumatizing attack she launched when possessed.

Also got to find out that Gotou is having some real problems at home. Seems like they have tried to have kids without much success. Now the guy just spends most of his time sleeping at the office. Something had to have happened with how he watches those kids at the park. Wonder if they had a kid and the child died, loss a pregnancy, or have just failed to get pregnant at all.

Not much to say about the ghost. People really do have sides that they like to keep to themselves. Never know if someone near you has a side of them that would surprise you to find out about. Nothing huge, woman just couldn’t move on knowing someone could find those pictures of her.

A good episode for shaking up Haruka’s emotions a bit. Seeing Yakumo topless really shook her up. Getting some progress there and should be interesting to see where they stand when the series is over.

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