Amagami SS – 18

Junichi helps out Rihoko’s and her Tea Club at the founder’s festival.


I was quite surprised with how fast this episode is moving in the timeline of things. The actual character development itself isn’t really moving that fast, it’s fairly average for this series as far as progression between the two but timeline wise, they are already having the founders day festival, a Christmas event which the other arcs all have on the last episode of the arc. Some of them had a Christmas day/eve episode after it I suppose but at most it was on the third episode. This is way ahead of schedule compared to the others so I want to know what’s going to happen. So far, the founders day festival itself was a catalyst in moving things forward, but with this already past something else has to happen. I just hope the progression doesn’t seem forced. Right now it’s just different, just hope it’s not worse.

2 thoughts on “Amagami SS – 18”

  1. Lol, i think Junichi and Rihoko take the longest time to be couple.
    Rihoko is easy to capture her heart but it’s harder to capture Junichi heart coz she’s chubby/fat. lol

  2. Yeah they do take the longest. Having seen episode 19 already, I’m slightly baffled as to how they plan to wrap things up in just one more episode…

    Great website by the way!

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