Amagami SS – 17 [Rihoko Arc Start]

Junichi helps out Rihoko, his childhood friend.


I was surprised by this arc right from the start. Although I didn’t quite know what to expect from Rihoko’s arc, all I knew was it would involve her being his childhood friend, that’s not what I was surprised about. Rihoko just seemed like some weird quirky girl but from the start although she does have this weird and unique side to her she just also seemed extremely sweet. She had that unique factor to her but she also seemed to be quite innocent and kind, which should be fun to see. I had this feeling of wanting her to do well right from the start before really knowing much about her character, which speaks strongly for her because causing me to care about what happens to her so early will definitely get me drawn into the arc itself.

I am curious on how much the tea club will play in this arc. They’ve mentioned and shown the club a couple of times in other arcs, as they do seem like some fun characters but obviously they play a much bigger role here with Rihoko being a part of it. Still, I’m curious if the tea club itself will be a focus at all, if something that Junichi will do for the Tea Club because of Rihoko or perhaps because of the tea club something between them changes, however it goes I can see it being some kind of a catalyst for the arc.

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