Amagami SS – 16 [Ai Arc Finale]

Junichi helps Ai with her swimming clubs stand and the two are able to be closer than ever.


I was saying this pretty much all throughout this arc, and I’ll say it again because the conclusion does nothing but help me in this conviction but I have absolutely loved Ai’s arc, I think so far it is my favorite. It was just so well done, the characters, the personalities, the situations seemed very real. It didn’t seem like it was this elaborate ploy to get things moving, that the relationships were forced or moving too fast. Things didn’t just magically happen and have people instantly be madly in love with each other from the start. This arc more than any of them seemed to just have a natural progression to it.

I had originally thought that Ai’s arc would be really centered on her tie in to sports. And although it was a large part of the arc, because she is on the swim team it wasn’t the focus of her arc at all. It wasn’t the one thing that caused some big drama, it wasn’t the sole thing that brought the characters together or made them fall in love, it was just there showing that part of her life. Sure, it wasn’t insignificant. It was probably a huge part in Ai falling in love with him when he went to console her when she wasn’t getting the times she wanted but he important thing, that made it fit perfectly for this story was that it wasn’t the focus of the whole thing.

Overall it just really felt to me that Ai was very…human. that her responses to some things, her little remarks at things, her humor, and her flaws were very real for a character and I thought it was just incredibly to see.

I’m not sure what to think of the Rihoko arc. She was the one character out of all of them that I didn’t really have any idea on how her’s would play out. Until recently they didn’t even revel Rihoko was a childhood friend. She just seemed like an odd and quirky character. Even with knowing that he is a childhood friend I’m not sure what they are going to do with her, she is a unique quirky character which is fun to see but hard to have a romance story with, so I’m looking forward to her arc just so I can see what they’re going to do.

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