Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 05

Yakumo and Gotou try to save Haruka after she is kidnapped.


Damn this episode was pretty dangerous for Haruka. Another episode where she nearly got killed and only barely got out alive. You knew she was in danger at the end of last episode and the forces at work definitely made their move. It’s been a pretty rough episode for Haruka overall. I mean she gets hit with the taser, kidnapped, and then nearly drowned. I’m starting to think Haruka should avoid water for a while since this is the second episode in a row that she’s nearly drowned in. Glad at least Yakumo told her to stop taking action by herself. It’s not going to make him feel good if she gets killed because she doesn’t want to take advantage of his abilities.

Well the father revelation was somewhat of a surprise. It was definitely a possibility though I thought he wasn’t related to Yakumo. That’s one heck of a weird family when you look at it from a distance. A father who is trying to drag his son into the darkness and a mother who was kind and then randomly tried to kill her son. No wonder Yakumo is the way he is with that kind of background. Still it makes you wonder why that guy is so against Yakumo wanting to help people. Why is he trying to hurt his son? Not to mention what did Yakumo’s mother see in such a person?

This case was a pretty sad one. I don’t care about the Doctor that was behind it, but his daughter Ayaka really had to suffer. Talk about a kind person taking the pain of dying onto herself so those girls could at least die without suffering. Considering how many victims there have been its pretty crazy. Don’t think I would have been able to step in like she did. Of course besides the suffering Ayaka had to watch her father kill people. Considering he’s a doctor that supposed to help people that’s a tough thing to watch. When all the killing was for the sake of her revival, I can’t imagine how much guilt Ayaka took onto herself. At least her father is now in jail and can’t hurt anyone else.

I have to give Gotou some credit for his efforts here. Obviously he needs Yakumo’s help with some cases, but he doesn’t just want to be using him. Their banter is a reflection of the weird sort of friendship they have. Plus he really put himself on the line to try and save Haruka. I’m sure he would have rather beat up the doctor and then help, but he had to try and keep her from falling into the water. Just because he failed doesn’t mean the effort wasn’t a good one.

Glad they cleared up the whole Ishii situation. I figured Yakumo was joking about the romantic interest in Gotou. I didn’t expect the reason to be a love of occult stuff. Yeah too bad for him Gotou isn’t some crazy mystic. He’s just a cop that is willing to use whatever help he can get to solve a case.

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