Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 04

Yakumo reveals information about his mother and grows closer to Haruka.


I think someone should tell Ishii to give up on Haruka now. Things didn’t go well for her friends or the last guy that was interested in her. Unless you have some weird ability like Yakumo best stay home and give up on her. Of course Gotou isn’t going to have a clue about that since Yakumo has him thinking Ishii is gay. Sure it’s possible, but it seems more likely Yakumo did it to mess with Gotou and make his life very uncomfortable. After all with the proper preconceptions can easily misinterpret an energetic subordinate as having romantic interests.

Looks like this will be the first case that isn’t resolved in the first episode. Also it seems like things are going to get tied together with the larger threat now. Haruka is just damn reckless throwing herself into these ghost situations unprepared. I can understand her not wanting Yakumo to feel that she only comes by to use his abilities, but it’s not a good plan to just go into these situations alone. She’s lucky there were people around to save her. Otherwise she would have been lured right into the water and drowned. Of course it worked out pretty well since she got to hear about Yakumo’s mother and stop him from throwing away her memento.

It seems pretty probable those guys forced the doctor to tell that story about Yakumo’s birth. I mean it’s possible his mother was shocked by his eye and yet considering it was part of their plan we can’t count on that as being the truth. Also there is the question as to why Yakumo’s mother attacked him. If she was a nice parent up to that point something incredible must have happened. Talking about getting overwhelmed by darkness and things like that really doesn’t give you much to work with.

A big step forward for Haruka and Yakumo in this episode. She finally made a stand and got him to open up just a little bit. Haruka really struggled to make sure that memento wouldn’t be discarded in rage since eventually Yakumo would regret it. While getting knocked down is rough it did force Yakumo to wake up a little. Whether Yakumo likes it or not Haruka does care about him and isn’t going to go away easily. The action of her joining his fake club is just one example of it. Trusting her with the memento was a pretty good symbolic act. In some respects its probably better she holds it so he doesn’t do something stupid later on.

Of course now Haruka is in more danger than she has ever been. Which is saying a lot since in the first arc that teacher did want to kill her. She’s now going to be used as a tool to help drag Yakumo into the darkness. I’m still not sure if they believe that the daughter’s soul can be revived, but they seem intent on killing Haruka either way. Yakumo is going to face a real test here to save her.

4 thoughts on “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 04”

  1. I didn’t think this much stuff in this episode xD
    you made ma day with this post mate!
    btw xebek, want to be a part of my site’s staff?
    lemme know! I could use a writer or two on my site you know…

  2. @Sherryplus
    Glad you enjoyed reading the post.

    Can only say if you want to lure in Xebek might be worth trying one of his posts since not sure he’s even watching this one.

  3. I finally caught up with this series. Glad to see someone is blogging this, so Kudos to you FlareKnight.

    Now then… I agree on a lot of things. Wasn’t the Doctor dude the same guy who was looking for his daughter to be revived? I think that’s why he fed Yakumo with that information about his mother being scared of his eye at birth.

    That said, I agree, its about to get really exciting with how Haruka is now in the direct cross hairs of the white haired guy with TWO red eyes, since she’s the only thing preventing him from being engulfed in the darkness.

    I do think that the whole Ishii thing was just Yakumo messing with Gotou, I quite enjoyed the monotone voiced jabs that Yakumo keeps taking at Gotou. XD

  4. @Setsuken
    Thanks, certainly haven’t seen many covering this series so glad I can give some thoughts on the episodes. Glad to have some comments also.

    Yeah the Doctor was definitely that guy wanting his daughter to be revived. Honestly when first seeing him I kind of forgot who he was XD. The guy really doesn’t have a very memorable face. Certainly makes his whole story seem like it could be a lie. No reason to trust someone like that.

    It’s a dangerous thing with Haruka becoming more important to Yakumo. She can help him in a lot of ways. But if something happens to her he really might be lost to the darkness. Guess it means he’ll just have to properly protect her. Which will be tough since Haruka always gets into dangerous situations.

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